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Architects, interior designers and facility managers: If you are designing a new medical facility or are planning to remodel and update an existing one, you are no doubt aware that openings for certain rooms have specific requirements to preserve privacy and maintain professionalism. At AD Systems, we understand the special characteristics that are required of top quality clinic doors.

Our Barn Door systems are designed specifically to provide the valuable space conservation and ease of operation that modern medical spaces require.

All AD Systems Barn Doors incorporate a top-hung, sliding assembly, which provides many essential benefits:

  • No floor space is wasted by having to maintain the area of the doors swing and immediate surrounding areas clear of equipment or obstructions, savings as much as 30 square feet per opening.
  • There is no exposed track along the exam room floor that could potentially act as a trip hazard or violate ADA requirements
  • Our heavy-duty roller system provides durability in a busy environment and requires minimal care and maintenance.
  • The doors operate easily and are always equipped with soft closers to guard against pinched fingers or jarring door slams.
  • AD Systems Door systems are ADA compliant for the maximum amount of force required to operate the doors, and feature ADA compliant hardware options such as privacy locks, self-latching hardware, egress hardware or secured access.

AD Systems also offers a four-sided system of acoustical seals is available to provide sound blocking for privacy, with field tests indicating Noise Isolation Class 39 per ASTM E336-11.

In addition to the performance options listed, AD Systems offers a wide range of decorative options that allow owners and designers to customize the system to meet their clinic environment. AD Systems Doors offer a wide array of door leaf selections including flush wood or laminate or aluminum stile and rail options. It is also possible to integrate decorative glass inserts, marker boards, integral blinds or a range of other options.

Please contact our architectural sales department to discuss your desired functionality and finishes. You may reach us via online chat, phone or email to discuss your project.