barn door designsWhen it comes to creating commercial spaces, certain elements are particularly important to focus on for architects and designers. Doors, for example, play a significant role in the way environments function and how they look. This is especially true when large openings are required for an application. Swing doors can take up a significant amount of floor space with their swing path, particularly in larger openings. With the value of space in mind, many architects and owners are becoming more and more interested in finding a substitute for conventional swing doors to integrate into their commercial construction and renovation projects. Sliding barn door designs provide the ideal solution.

AD Systems offers sliding door systems that optimize a space’s usability and increase its aesthetic appeal considerably. Their barn door designs are versatile and have a multitude of options in hardware, finishes and features, allowing them to be introduced to any style of architecture. Below is an idea of what can be expected when installing their products.

Sliding Technology

AD Systems’ barn door designs are top-hung system with no floor track. This means the door is kept flush against the wall instead of swinging outward and the doors are surface mounted as opposed to being pocket doors. This type of sliding door conserves a great deal of floor space and allows all the square footage of a room to be used efficiently. More furniture and equipment can be stored in an area without infringing upon comfort and appearance. Barn stile sliders generally have some reliability and installation advantages over a typical pocket door as well.


AD Systems offers finishes to suit both traditional and modern architectural styles. Standard frame finishes are available in sequin silver (a match to clear anodized) and medium bronze, and there are a multitude of wood and veneer finishes to choose from for the actual door leaf. If the look of glass is desired, large glass lites can be used in either wood or aluminum stile and rail door leaves. This may include clear glass, leaded glass, colored glass, translucent glass, switchable privacy glass, marker boards, resin panels, and integral blinds. This promotes visibility between spaces where necessary while maintaining a degree of separation at the same time. AD Systems can also accommodate requests for specialty barn door designs, such as hollow metal steel, lead-lined or flush aluminum doors.


Since the demands of commercial installation are much different than that of residential projects, barn door designs for commercial spaces by AD Systems are equipped with hardware options that are suited to meet these needs. ADA compliance and specialized security access are two of the top concerns architects and designers must be aware of when choosing hardware. At AD Systems, these features are a priority, and there are several hardware options to satisfy these requirements.

AD Systems Offers Innovative Barn Door Designs for Commercial Application

AD Systems understands the weight doors carry in helping to define a space, which is why they are committed to supplying high quality barn door designs for a wide range of commercial applications. The company makes it easier than ever for architects and designers to make a visual statement with their projects and take a building’s functionality to the next level. With the increasing number of commercial building owners requesting sliding door systems, it’s essential that professionals know the best place to find them. The experts at AD Systems will assist in selecting the right products to meet the unique specifications of any new construction or renovation project.