exam room doorOpening and closing a door shouldn’t be your top concern when working in the healthcare industry. You need your hands to carry supplies, clipboards, and other equipment. Therefore, you need your exam room door to be easily movable, allowing you efficient access to and from the room. That’s why AD Systems created their ExamSlide™, a sliding door system perfect for any medical facility. With many available options, they can build doors for any medical setting.

Your Job Just Got Easier with A Sliding Door from AD Systems

Created to make medical professionals’ jobs easier, ExamSlide is perfect for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, ERs and other facilities. Since 2009, AD Systems has built and perfected their sliding doors. While ExamSlide is a new name, it’s the basic great door the company has manufactured for years. They consulted with architects and management in the healthcare field. Then, they used that feedback to upgrade several functions and options specifically for use in those facilities. The new name signifies the difference between the performance, design and functions and that of other sliding medical doors. But what are the benefits? Most important, having a sliding door means saving space, since the door slides, not swings.

Besides being easy to navigate, ExamSlide comes with many different options, offering something for every taste and budget. Standard Kynar frames come in two colors: sequin silver and medium bronze. However, custom colors are available on a per-project basis. Doors come in flush wood, plastic laminates and aluminum stile and rail. As is the case for frames, if you have a specific request, AD Systems is happy to accommodate. With HIPAA rules in mind, they used acoustic seals to ensure privacy, which is critical in an exam room. Of course, their experts will guide you along the way to ensure that you choose the optimal door system for your unique project. They’ll provide you with a prompt quote and give you additional choices.

Interested in Seeing What Your New Exam Room Door Will Look Like?

If you’re interested in AD Systems’ doors and want to see more, check out their project gallery page. On this page, you’ll find pictures of finished projects. Additionally, at the bottom of the page, there is a tool for seeing different door choices. This tool will let you toggle between different options and see pictures of different doors. So, you don’t have to guess, you’ll know what your new exam room door will look like.

For the past several years, AD Systems has prided themselves on building quality sliding doors. Built to last, the doors offer style while delivering on performance. Ideal for medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, and exam rooms, they strive to make medical professionals’ lives easier. For more information, contact AD Systems and slide your way to success today!