acoustic sliding doors With businesses looking for ways to increase productivity, while at the same time cutting costs, they are getting creative within their office spaces. While many companies experiment with different setups and designs, others have gone the more traditional route of just putting as many people into a workspace as possible that will fit comfortably, or probably uncomfortably, as the case may be. The theory is often that more people will mean more production, which is plausible. However, when so many employees are crammed together in an open environment, there is a much higher chance of distractions, which can have a devastating effect on productivity, and ultimately may harm the company. So the plan to cut costs could very well end up having the opposite results. This is why businesses would be wise to invest in things that will cut down on distractions, such as noise. One of the ways they can do this is with the use of acoustic sliding doors.

How Do Acoustic Sliding Doors Work?

Most sliding doors are designed without acoustics in mind. Pocket doors are more specifically designed for residential construction and can seem flimsy for commercial applications. Top hung “barn door” designs put the door in front of the wall, often with very large spaces around the perimeter. This is where acoustic sliding doors by AD Systems offer a huge benefit. These doors slide along a top track but they feature a unique perimeter frame design with integrated gaskets that closes up many gaps for much improved acoustical performance. An optional drop down bottom seal offers an even higher level of acoustical performance. Another great advantage of acoustic sliding doors by AD Systems is that they themselves make almost no sound. The tracks and rollers are of high quality construction and all doors feature soft close dampers to prevent slams and reduce maintenance.

AD Systems offers a line of sliding doors that utilize a top-hung design, so the track is not on the floor. This feature means that there are no tracks to trip someone or hinder equipment or wheelchairs entering the room.

The Other Big Advantage of Acoustic Sliding Doors

If a business is trying to get the most out of its office space, every inch needs to be used to its fullest capacity. This is another reason why acoustic sliding doors should be utilized. A swinging door takes up a lot of floorspace for the door swing and approach clearances, but acoustic sliding doors allow every part of a room to be used.

Maximizing productivity is key these days, and that entails reducing noise. One of the best ways to do this is with acoustic sliding doors. AD Systems offers top-quality acoustic sliding doors perfect for any office or healthcare facility.