doors officeWhen every element of an office supports the work environment, employees notice. Studies show that it costs 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement. So, it is important to think about ways to keep employees happy. Yes, something as simple as doors can make a huge difference. By choosing doors office employees love, the office environment will flourish. Here’s how to choose the best interior doors for any office.

Save Space with Sliding Doors

In small offices, sliding doors provide more square footage for employees to use for interior seating or storage. AD Systems’ OfficeSlide™ doors save up to 30 square feet of space when compared to traditional hinged doors. In addition, installing InsetSlide™ doors allows these doors to have no projection into the corridor, further saving floor space.

Space is important to employees. The physical office has a major impact on employee happiness and productivity, according to studies. In short, having this extra room allows employees to have more freedom when it comes to building a productive space. They can personalize their office based on their work style. Learn more about OfficeSlide doors here.

Maintain Privacy with Doors Office Workers Can Close without Being “Closed Off”

OfficeSlide doors come in a variety of materials, including glass. With glass doors, employees maintain a sense of having a collaborative workspace, even when they close the door. AD Systems’ glass doors come with options such as integrated blinds or lighting, marker boards and switchable privacy glass.

Best of all, the acoustic performance of AD System doors allows for speech privacy. They have a tested acoustical performance up to NIC 39. In open plan work environments it is particularly important to consider the acoustics of “private” spaces such as phone rooms, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and conference rooms.. This is especially true for offices in areas such as law, healthcare, banking/finance, and tech. Essentially, if employees are handing sensitive information, they need a way to securely call or meet with clients without having to leave the office.

In addition, the privacy afforded by OfficeSlide doors allows employees to work in peace when they need to focus. At times, an open office environment can be detrimental to productivity. It depends on the employee. Some people work best when they have a quiet space. Once again, OfficeSlide doors allow employees to customize their work experience. They can open doors easily when needed, but close doors to focus.

Additionally, OfficeSlide doors provide security both during working hours and afterward. AD Systems’ doors have ADA-compliant locking and latching hardware options, as well as keycard  or other access control options. So, employees and clients have an added layer of security.

In addition to acoustic benefits, OfficeSlide doors have smoke-rated options per UL 1784. AD Systems also recently introduced its newest innvation: FireSlide doors are available in wood options. These doors achieve a 45-minute UL 10B fire rating. If fire safety is a concern, AD Systems’ doors are a great choice.

Why Choose AD Systems’ Doors?

The various ADA-compliant options allow easy access to people with all levels of ability. Soft-closure and automatic closing features make it even easier for everyone to move throughout the building quickly.

In addition to all of the above benefits, these sliding doors are also low-maintenance. They are top-hung from a quiet roller systems.

Look through their gallery to see some of the solutions AD Systems has created for clients nationwide.

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