medical doorsMedical doors must meet higher standards than typical doors in a home or office. When patient outcomes are at stake, there’s no room for anything less than peak performance. AD Systems developed their doors with the needs of medical clinics in mind, ExamSlide™ incorporates the essential feature demanded by outpatient clinics, medical office buildings, patient restrooms and other key areas of medical occupancies.

Must-Haves for Medical Doors

AD Systems first identified the non-negotiables. What traits do all medical doors need to have, whether in a hospital, urgent care clinic, or family doctor’s office?

  • Reliability: Medical door systems must operate smoothly and consistently without excessive maintenance.
  • Privacy: HIPAA’s speech privacy laws are strict about preventing accidental disclosures. Manufacturers of components in healthcare settings must consider and address sound transmission and control.
  • Efficiency: In medicine, every minute lost can cost lives. Therefore, a facility’s operation must be streamlined and optimized.

With these priorities in mind, AD Systems set out to create the best sliding medical door on ht market . After exhaustive research with medical staff and a meticulous design process, they finally debuted the ExamSlide.

The ExamSlide’s High-Performance Design

The ExamSlide offers a feature set that outperforms the competition in both sliding and traditional doors. (For a full list of the ExamSlide’s groundbreaking features, see AD Systems’ product brochure.)

  • Space-conserving configuration: The ExamSlide requires up to 18 fewer square feet of space compared to a traditional swinging door. Every square foot saved on a door can accommodate more staff, more patients, and more equipment.
  • Serious privacy protection: Every ExamSlide comes standard with patent-pending noise isolation seals on all four sides. AD Systems tests these seals to meet the rigorous NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 standard.
  • Hassle-free operation: All AD Systems doors feature a top-hung design with sturdy rollers and soft-close technology to prevent slamming. There are no tracks in the floor to impede foot traffic or rolling equipment and devices. Maintenance is easy, thanks to the elegantly simple wraparound aluminum frame. Since they comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) the doors are accessible for everyone.

Building the Future of Medical Doors

Numerous hospitals and clinics have opted to integrate the ExamSlide into their floor plans, with outstanding results. The architects behind Mountain View Hospital‘s successful remodel chose the ExamSlide for its exceptional flexibility and efficiency. Similarly, the ExamSlide was the perfect fit for Puyallup Medical Center’s philosophy of responsive, lightweight, local-centered care.

Not satisfied with one major innovation, AD Systems continues to push the institutional door industry forward. They recently debuted the InsetSlide™, a version of their signature sliding product that is designed to fit “between the walls”. Tacoma, WA’s Indigo MultiCare Clinics provided a strong launch for the sleek new line.

AD Systems’ medical doors undergo an intensive design process producing doors with superior performance. To learn more about what they can offer your facility, call AD Systems at 425-374-1360 or contact them online.