contemporary barn doors Doors are used many times throughout the course of a day, especially in buildings that get quite a bit of foot traffic. Not only do they help to create the flow of a space, but they also say a great deal about an establishment. This is why it’s crucial for architects and designers to carefully choose the door systems they integrate into their commercial construction projects. After taking into consideration the type of opening, frequency of use, and specific application for a particular design, contemporary barn doors are often determined to be the best solution. They are suitable for a variety of commercial settings and have become the increasingly popular choice for interior doors.

AD Systems is the Superior Choice for Commercial Sliding Door Systems

Recognizing the market need for quality-crafted door products that cater to the unique requirements of the commercial sector, AD Systems has paved the way with their high performance sliding door innovations. Since 2009, the company has been committed to supplying design professionals with the industry’s finest barn door systems.

Key Features of AD Systems’ Contemporary Barn Doors

Barn doors are a useful element in contemporary design. They maximize, the efficient use of space, can maintain accessibility standards, and transform the institutionalized look of a professional environment into one that’s more welcoming and aesthetically appealing. AD Systems offers contemporary barn doors with several features that will enhance the functionality and appeal of any commercial space. These doors are especially valuable in office and healthcare settings with an emphasis on LEAN design.

  • High Acoustic Performance: Privacy is a vital consideration to keep in mind when planning commercial construction projects. Most typical barn doors are challenged when it comes to acoustics, but AD Systems’ barn door solutions are developed to meet a high level of acoustic isolation, mitigating the sounds that are allowed to filter in and out of a room. This preserves patient confidentiality in medical facilities and increases productivity among office employees. With a focus on achieving impressive NIC ratings, AD Systems’ barn doors go through rigorous testing. Acoustical seals can also be added for extended privacy.
  • Aesthetic Value: Barn doors are extremely versatile in terms of appearance. They come in a large selection of styles, making it simple to match a client’s individual preferences. This aesthetic appeal is essential to professional establishments that want to make the best impression on staff and visitors.
  • ADA Compliant: ADA standards make it necessary for commercial buildings to provide ease of access to the public. This means those with assistive devices or with limited mobility must be able to enter and exit an area without issue. Contemporary barn doors by AD Systems are in compliance with these regulations, as they eliminate exposed floor tracks, present wide openings, and are lightweight enough for anyone to manage. A range of compliant hardware options are also available.

Barn Door Design Options

AD Systems’ contemporary barn doors are designed in a wide array of configurations to serve whatever purpose a particular project calls for. They can be sized to fit varying amounts of wall space, and door panels can be created to easily tie into the architectural style and décor of a space. AD Systems uses the finest materials to provide door systems in flush wood, laminate, and aluminum stile with Kynar frame finishes. There is also a myriad of glazing options that include clear glass, laminated glass, translucent glass, colored glass, leaded glass, decorative glass, switchable privacy glass, resin panels, integral blinds, and marker boards.

Whether working on plans for a renovation or new construction, architects and designers can rely on AD Systems to deliver the right contemporary barn doors for their design needs.