contemporary barn doorsIn recent years, offices and healthcare facilities have seen a major transformation in their design. The function and appeal of these professional environments play a significant role in job performance and patient recovery. Because of this, architects and designers are getting an increasing number of requests to create innovative layouts that focus on the entire workplace and patient experience. Doors are one component, in particular, that have a large influence on the flow and efficiency of these types of settings. Keeping this in mind, contemporary barn doors have become the go-to solution for modern design challenges.

The advanced performance and aesthetic value of AD Systems sliding door solutions are exactly the kind of update that facility managers and design professionals are looking for. Installing them into any office or healthcare construction project will offer the following benefits.

Increased Productivity

Contemporary barn doors are the perfect design element to encourage more productivity in a professional setting. The top-hung, gliding design makes it easy for office employees and hospital staff to move efficiently around an environment, entering and exiting spaces as quickly as necessary. The acoustic isolation that AD Systems’ sliding door systems deliver is also important to productivity because it means fewer disruptions caused by outside noise filtering into a room and less concerns about patient or worker privacy compared to typical barn doors.

More Space

Utilizing space as efficiently as possible is a top priority in the commercial market. One of the biggest advantages of modern design is being able to maximize a building’s square footage. With the installation of contemporary barn doors, rooms that are cramped and overcrowded are given back all the floor space that traditional hinged doors require (up to 30 square feet of floor space for each hinged door). This gives offices, clinics and hospitals the ability to use the space more cost-effectively by bringing in additional furniture, equipment, or whatever else may be needed.

Indoor Air Quality

Updating office and hospital layouts can also do a great deal for indoor air quality or infection and contaminant control. These are both high occupancy environments that can have the need to isolate certain spaces. a, so it’s vital for architects and designers to address this with elements that will reduce the transmission of air across spaces that need to be separated such as clean rooms, pharmacies or procedure rooms or in areas where a smoke rating must be maintained. Barn doors with drop seals and optional UL 1784 smoke ratings by AD Systems are one solution.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Modern designs enhance the aesthetic of offices and hospitals considerably. The sleek and seamless appearance of contemporary barn doors shows that an establishment cares how it is presented to the public, which means they will likely put that same amount of thought and consideration into the way they take care of their clients or patients.

AD Systems’ Contemporary Barn Doors Set the Standard for Modern Design

The designs standards that once made office cubicles and institutional-looking hospitals the norm are dramatically changing into floor plans that are much more attractive and centered around employee and patient satisfaction. AD Systems proudly supplies architects and designers with high quality contemporary barn doors that are optimal for commercial projects requiring modern design. The company’s products set the standard for style and function and offer a wide array of finishes, materials, glazing, and hardware options.