The design of interior commercial spaces continues to evolve from the simple and utilitarian look of the past to the stylish and refined look of the future. This is one of the numerous reasons why contemporary barn doors have been making their way into commercial layouts more and more over recent years. contemporary barn doors Integrating an architectural element such as this is a great way for professional architects and designers to create an innovative space that far exceeds client expectations.

AD Systems is proud to provide architects and designers for the commercial market an alternative door system that will give their projects a upscale look and extra value. The company’s quality-crafted products are made from the finest materials and satisfy accessibility requirements. Medical facilities, commericial office spaces, and many other professional industries can utilize contemporary barn doors to make an impressive statement.

Achieve a High-End Look

The appearance of sliding barn door systems has changed dramatically over the years. No longer limited to their original rustic and rural design, contemporary barn doors now exude a high-end appeal that fits in nicely with modern office environments and healthcare facilities. Different options such as officefronts, transoms, integrated lighting solutions and inset designs give designers great flexibility in creating a contemporary workplace.

Capitalize on Usable Square Footage

Contemporary barn doors do quite a bit more than increase aesthetic appeal. They also optimize the functionality of a building by saving a considerable amount of space. Swing doors require a considerable amount of floor space to accomodate door swing and approach clearances. With sliding doors, that space can be repurposed to be useful: furnishings, work stations, casework, functional wall space. In most commerical projects, the value of the square footage far outweighs the cost of a sliding door.

Types of Doors Available

Every business and facility has its own unique style, so why not enhance that with complementary contemporary barn doors? AD Systems gives the architects and designers of medical facilities, offices, and other commercial spaces the opportunity to do just that by offering a wide variety of standard and unique barn door choices. From door and frame finishes to inset panels and hardware, the possibilities are endless. Doors are available in natural or stained wood veneers and plastic laminate set in a wood or aluminum frame. There is also the option to incorporate monolithic, laminated, frosted, or other kinds of decorative glass, colored glass, marker boards, switchable privacy glass, and acrylic panels. Whether going for a traditional, modern, or industrial look, there is no doubt clients will be able to find a suitable barn door design.

Contemporary Barn Doors with AD Systems

At AD Systems, style is never sacrificed for function, but rather, merged together to produce contemporary barn doors that will make a positive statement in the commercial market.