contemporary barn doorsAs the needs of corporate offices and medical facilities evolve and change over time, architects and designers must adapt the way they approach their construction projects. The days of creating strictly utilitarian layouts have been dropped in favor of more modern interior designs that combine form and function to make a commercial environment inviting, attractive, and comfortable all at the same time. Doors are one feature that play a significant role in accomplishing this. Installing the right door systems can make a big difference in the overall aesthetics and performance of a space. This is what makes contemporary barn doors from AD Systems the ideal choice for office and hospital applications.

How Contemporary Barn Doors Address Important Design Considerations

The increasing acceptance of modern design has allowed professional environments to embrace advancements in technology and make adjustments to interior layouts that better accommodate the needs of employees, healthcare personnel, patients, and visitors. When designing any corporate office or hospital setting, there are a number of important considerations that architects and designers must take into account. With the installation of contemporary barn doors from AD Systems, many of these concerns are properly addressed, including the following:

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is crucial for any organization’s bottom line. Sliding barn door systems help to promote efficiency by saving space, allowing more room for the storage of furniture and equipment and improving productivity.
  • Accessibility: All buildings that are open to the public should offer a solution for ADA and bariatric design to ensure people with disabilities can fluidly move from one area to the next with ease. Contemporary barn doors have wide passageways and ADA-compliant hardware, which both contribute to greater accessibility.
  • Safety: Offices and hospitals must also be designed with safety in mind. The lightweight property of sliding doors makes them easy for anyone to open and shut, regardless of their physical abilities. In addition, they are made without an exposed track to prevent tripping hazards, and they feature soft-close technology to avoid fingers getting caught and injured in a slammed door.
  • Privacy: Patent-pending acoustic seals can be attached to sliding door systems to enhance the level of privacy they provide. In offices, this eliminates distractions that lead to poor performance on the job and keeps sensitive conversations confidential. In hospitals, this protects a patient’s rights under HIPPA laws and encourages a more peaceful setting for recovery.
  • Ambience: Contemporary barn doors help offices and hospitals move away from the institutional style many of them have exhibited in the past to create a more pleasing ambiance. Doors can be constructed in a range of material, finish, and glazing combinations to complement any setting perfectly.

What Makes AD Systems the Right Choice for Barn Door Products?

As a leading industry supplier of sliding door products, AD Systems understands that modern offices and medical facilities look much different than they did in previous years. That’s why they are committed to providing contemporary barn doors that help to breathe new life into commercial design projects. The company’s high-grade door systems will update any space and prove to be a cost-effective investment that boosts an environment’s function and appeal for years to come.