office doorsWhether a business owner is remodeling an entire office space, having a new one built, or just looking for a few simple upgrades, one design component that deserves special attention is the interior doors. Though they are generally taken for granted, office doors actually have a big impact on the efficiency, appeal and comfort of a work environment. What’s important for architects to remember when developing the layout for a commercial project is that not all doors are created equally. Not only are they made at different levels of quality, but there are also various style options to consider. How the doors impact the overall layout and use of a space is also a fundamental concern.

AD Systems is proud to provide the type of superbly-crafted office doors that professional architects and their clients can count on to give workspaces what they need to function properly. Instead of making interior doors an afterthought in architectural design, architects and facility managers can focus on the the following attributes to help them choose the right office doors for their projects


Floor space is valuable in any office, and a large door swing is very inefficient use of commercial real estate. Sliding doors can generally save dramatic amounts of floors space or improve the utilization of wall and floor area, particularly in small rooms like phone rooms, small private offices, mother’s rooms or small group meeting areas.  AD Systems doors are top hung assemblies with no floor track, they project only 2-7/8” into the corridor, but can save at least 10 square feet of space on the inside of a room, perhaps more when clearances are considered.


Sliding office doors and officefront systems from AD Systems are very versatile in terms of aesthetics and can be tailored to suit client wishing for styles ranging from sleek and modern or more warm and tradition. Doors leaves can be constructed of a range of materials (including wood, laminate, aluminum, decorative glass, markerboards or other materials), and  our aluminum officefront frame assembly is set up to accommodate almost any type of glazing or panel up to 1” in thickness.


Acoustics are a major aspect of office doors. With AD Systems sliding doors, clients know they are receiving products that have been specially designed and tested to meet a high level of acoustic performance. This keeps distracting noises from filtering through so that employees can remain productive without the constant interruption of office discussions. It also blocks private conversations between co-workers, employers, and clients from getting out into the open spaces of a corporate environment.

Safety and Security with AD Systems Office Doors 

Many of today’s workspaces require that individual offices or areas be secured by key locks, card readers or other types of access control devices. AD Systems’ sliding door and officefront design makes securing these sliding doors very straightforward and the keys or card readers can be integrated with those on other doors. All AD Systems sliding doors have soft closing devices to prevent pinched fingers and door slams. AD Systems also offers UL 1784 smoke rated sliding doors and officefronts for those areas requiring a smoke rating.