acoustic door An office or any kind of professional space has several requirements and sound control is one. By utilizing an acoustic door, your space can achieve its sound requirements whether it is keeping out ambient noise or reducing sound leakage. AD Systems offers a line of high-performance acoustic doors that address these sound issues in various types of environments. Here are several reasons why you should consider acoustic doors for your space.

Reduce External Noise

Office spaces that require quiet for work sessions can benefit from using an acoustic door. Productivity is the key to businesses. A quiet environment allows employees in the space to concentrate and work without distraction. Office spaces located in high noise environments such as manufacturing facilities often deal with noise pollution. An acoustic door will help reduce the amount of external noise seeping into an area. High STC-rated doors coupled with acoustic seals increase the effectiveness of the soundproofing quality.

Provide Privacy

Sometimes the issue is not noise entering into the space, but sound leaking out of a space into common areas. This is a concern in human resource offices and medical facilities where privacy is of utmost importance. An acoustic door keeps activities confidential and contains noise produced by meetings, consultations, or any other noise that affects the environment. In today’s open plan office environments, there are many spaces such as phone rooms, private offices and collaboration spaces, that need to have a good measure of privacy available for those times when the open plan is not conducive to the work to be done.

Space Saving

Designers can address acoustic privacy, while acquiring space saving features. AD Systems offers a sliding acoustic door. Although sliding doors are sometimes not considered first when a space’s acoustical needs require privacy, AD Systems addresses these concerns. They offer sliding door solutions with high STC ratings and seals for the gaps around the perimeter as well as an optional drop seal for further enhanced privacy.

Aesthetic Appeal

Function does not have to exist without design. AD Systems offers a variety of finishes and materials to accent the space’s aesthetic. Office front assemblies, ideal for individual spaces or meeting rooms, offer glass options with up to a Noise Isolation Class (NIC) 40 rating. Sound privacy of an acoustic door is coupled with an open feel that allows natural light to flow into the space.

The AD Systems Acoustic Door Promise

Sliding barn doors offer easy and ADA-compliant operation that is required in medical facilities. Ideal for exam rooms, medical offices, and patient restrooms, the door material options include flush wood, glass, and aluminum. AD Systems also offers custom finishes and specialty doors. Coupled with a full line of hardware options in brushed stainless finish and various ADA hardware configurations, an AD Systems sliding acoustic door enhances the style of any space.

When it comes to soundproofing and noise mitigation, you need a quality acoustic door that not only performs its job, but adds appeal to the area. It is essential to work with a quality and reputable door supplier while planning your office space design. The professionals at AD Systems provide solutions that meet all facility code requirements, while offering exceptional acoustic performance. They will work with your performance and configuration needs to create a solution customized for your space, so sound does not become an issue. Contact the professionals at AD Systems today for an estimate here.