commercial sliding doorsNo matter what industry, any modern business sees the need for privacy and efficiency. To that end, architects, designers, and facility owners of commercial buildings are seeking new ways to achieve those goals. Increasingly, one popular method is to change the type of doors in office building floor plans. AD Systems’ OfficeSlide™ commercial sliding doors are rising to the challenge.

Commercial Sliding Doors for the Modern Office

Washington-based AD Systems first entered the market in 2009. Immediately, their barn-door style sliding door systems and popular “interior storefront” packages quickly gained considerable popularity. Businesses and institutions took note of the exceptional features that sliding doors offered:

  • Excellent space-saving capacity. A sliding barn door uses up only slightly more space than a wall. In contrast, a traditional swinging door can use up to 30 square feet for a swing path and approach clearances.
  • Superior privacy protection due to their small amounts of gap space. This is especially vital for industries like banking, technology, and law, where privacy and strict disclosure rules are incredibly important.
  • Sleek and professional aesthetic. Sliding barn doors give a facility an up-to-date and contemporary look without sacrificing functionality or performance.

Bringing Barn Doors into the Future with the OfficeSlide

Next, AD Systems decided to take push sliding door technology further with the OfficeSlide. Moreover, the OfficeSlide refines the best features of sliding doors into one designed for the needs of modern business facilities:

  • Top-hung on durable roller systems that are low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • Privacy protection perimeter and bottom seals for maximum noise control
  • Wide variety of hardware and finish options available to suit any office’s aesthetic
  • Soft-close technology keeps doors from slamming
  • Choosing glass panels allows natural light to filter throughout the office. This both saves on energy costs and boosts morale, resulting in increased productivity.

Coastal Community Bank is one outstanding example of what the OfficeSlide can do. In fact, this regional Washington bank designed its new headquarters with full integration of the OfficeSlide. As a result, they have a stunning, beautifully-lit office that employees love working in!

So, are you interested in what AD Systems’ commercial sliding doors can do for your facility? Today, call them at 425-374-1360 or use their easy contact form to get in touch or request a quote. Their experienced technicians can assist with your upcoming project and guide you to the perfect solution.