commercial sliding doorsWhen you’re looking at existing office spaces, what is one thing you often notice about them? If tight hallways and low performing doors come to mind, then you’re not alone. Many architects, designers, and facility owners have noticed the problems. While tight hallways and light duty doors are not an issue for some commercial settings, they are for others. For example, when working in a bank, it’s crucial for employees to keep financial information confidential. Also, this is the case for technology and law firms as there are always private conversations taking place. So, what’s the solution? From AD Systems comes OfficeSlide™, the easy-to-use office sliding door.

Do You Need Better Commercial Sliding Doors for Your Office?

Most office settings are fast-paced. Therefore, employees can’t afford to deal with difficult doors. Things like tight spaces, poorly closing doors or rooms that lack privacy can present real problems for workplace efficiency, particularly in today’s open plan environments where private spaces need to be private. When you need a better office solution, you need OfficeSlide, the commercial sliding doors from AD Systems.

With a sliding design, AD Systems’ doors save space by eliminating a swing path and often reducing approach clearances. That extra room can be could use for hallway space, furniture or storage or a designer can potentially reconfigure a space to include more exam rooms or offices for even greater efficiency. Plus, your employees wouldn’t have to navigate around the swinging doors. They can even simply slide and go, allowing the doors to close themselves with an optional soft-closing feature. This is a major benefit, as there is nothing worse than a door slamming and disrupting the progress of employees at work. AD Systems also offers a full automatic option for spaces where accessibility or ease of use demands full low-energy power operators.

Keep the Sound Where It Belongs, Behind Closed Doors

In addition to taking up valuable floor space, are your current doors light duty in terms of acoustics and resilience? There is nothing worse than information leaking to passersby, especially if that information is confidential. You need to be sure that your employees can safely communicate with one another without someone accidentally overhearing their conversation.

Built to be acoustically superior, these doors keep sound where it belongs, behind closed doors. Specifically, OfficeSlide has a proven acoustical performance of NIC 39. Thus, your employees can confidently do their job without having to worry about who might overhear. Additionally, sliding doors do not have the perimeter gap associated with other sliding doors. Moreover, these doors cut down on distracting outside noise and allow your employees to focus on their job. So, they’ll be more productive.

What about Maintenance?

All of AD Systems’ sliding doors are top-hung on a quiet roller system. Hence, there are no floor tracks to impede foot or equipment traffic. These doors operate for years with little maintenance.

Create Your Perfect Door

In addition to saving space and blocking out noise, these doors are also available in many different hardware and material options. These include flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors. Glass panels open up an office space, especially in conference rooms. When you allow in natural light, studies show an increase both morale and productivity. Additionally, you will notice a savings in energy costs due to the sunlight filtering through the building. Also, you may choose panels of marker boards, integrated lighting or blinds. Basically, there is a design perfect for any commercial setting, whether it’s an office, clinic, law firm, or bank. For more information and specifications, visit their resource page.

The final decisions involve choosing functional and security options. Choose to add features like keycard/access control locking and latching, self-closers for automatic operation, and more. Any way you look at it, your employees will benefit from OfficeSlide. Need inspiration or want to see what your finished office could look like? Check out the portfolio with photos of completed projects here.

If you’re ready for a more efficient office space, request a quote or call AD Systems today at 425-374-1360. Their experts will work with you every step of the way, from concept to installation. Partner with them and use their commercial sliding doors to create a dream office!