Commercial Interior Sliding Doors21st-century office design is evolving rapidly, and keeping up with the changes can be challenging. Even for those who are working in a more traditional design milieu, it’s hard to ignore the impact that open floor plans, co-working spaces, and increased employee amenities have had on commercial office design. And it’s equally unwise to ignore the fact that even as the status of the modern office changes, several of its essential needs remain the same: privacy protection; space conservation and efficient workflow. A professional and contemporary aesthetic indicates knowledge of current trends. For these reasons, commercial interior sliding doors like the ones created by AD Systems have become a popular solution for architects, designers, and facility owners seeking to modernize their office floor plans.

How Commercial Interior Sliding Doors Save Space

The typical one-way swinging door can require up to approximately thirty square feet of space just to swing open and shut and provide associated clearances. As the urban real estate market gets tighter and square footage comes at an increasing premium, commercial design professionals are looking for ways to stretch every inch a little bit farther. Replacing hinged swinging doors with sliding doors can free up large amounts of space by vastly reducing the footprint necessary for a door.

AD Systems’ OfficeSlide has quickly become a popular high performance option for commercial interior sliding doors. The smooth operation of the OfficeSlide maximizes workflow efficiency through its high quality design. The OfficeSlide is a top-hung door with no exposed floor track, features heavy duty rollers and Soft Close technology to minimize slamming, and has a durable and attractive wraparound door jamb design. A wide range of configuration options are available, including transom, sidelite, and storefront configurations for maximum versatility.

A Sound Solution

Controlling sound transmission is more vital for an office than ever before. From clients’ financial information to sensitive knowledge about payroll and personnel topics, a great deal of information must be safeguarded. Swinging doors, especially ones lacking acoustic seals, are sound-insecure and can lead to unintentional discharge of information. On a more basic level, many people also simply find them distracting: the constant sounds of swinging and slamming and the outflow of sound can present major obstacles to a cohesive and focused work environment. Commercial interior sliding doors address these problems head-on.

AD Systems’ OfficeSlide doors are acoustically tested up to NIC 39 standard to control sound transmission, and clients have the option to add an additional patent-pending acoustic seal around all four sides of the door for maximum sound control. The company has also spent years perfecting its ExamSlide doors for medical facilities, where strict control of sound is absolutely vital. They bring the same expert knowledge of acoustics to the design of OfficeSlide commercial interior sliding doors.

The Professional Aesthetic

Functionality is everything in institutional design, but aesthetics are everything else. AD Systems’ commercial interior sliding doors bring a sleek and modern look to any office without compromising manufacturing standards or functionality. They are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and look great in any office setting. For an example, look no further than Washington’s Coastal Community Bank, which integrated the OfficeSlide into the design of their new headquarters with stunning results.

The OfficeSlide comes in a wide range of finish options, including flush wood, plastic laminates, aluminum stile and rail, and a number of specialty options. A variety of hardware choices are likewise available, including KeyCard readers, custom pulls, self-operation hardware, and more. Whatever look your office is going for, the OfficeSlide can be adapted to it.

Commercial interior sliding doors are one way to get ahead of the curve in office design, and AD Systems’ doors offer unmatched versatility, efficiency, and quality. They are also proud to option smoke rated options and access control integration for their OfficeSlide and other systems. Their website makes it easy to request a quote, get CAD and Revit Files or ask questions, or you can contact them at 425-374-1360.