commercial barn doorsThe trouble with offices is that they are often not easy to navigate. Things like tight hallways and wide swinging doors can hinder your ability to move from one room to another. And with the movement towards open plan environments, it is important to provide office occupants with private spaces for meetings, collaboration or private conversations. It’s for this reason that AD Systems created their OfficeSlide™ systems, which are commercial barn doors that slide, not swing, in order to maximize the efficiency of the office environment.

Commercial Barn Doors Make Office Life Easier

Specially designed to make office life easier, OfficeSlide is the sliding door system that saves space. Thus, it slides along the wall and doesn’t take up any additional space as swinging doors do. With office space at a premium, there is a huge advantage versus a swinging door. Moreover, it’s ideal for narrow hallways and tight spaces where a door swing would limit the usefulness of a space.

In addition to making your office easily accessible, OfficeSlide is also available in many different hardware and finish designs and options. Popular designs and decorative choices include flush wood, or aluminum stile and rail designs with glass. Additionally, OfficeSlide commercial barn doors can be built to fit any office space, big or small. Lastly, a soft close feature can be added that prevents the doors from slamming shut. So, you never have to worry about your door banging and echoing through the hallway again.

Also, there are many locking and security options available to control access. Moreover, the doors are top-hung, so there is no floor track to impede foot or equipment traffic.

These doors are popular in every business and healthcare sector. Look through the gallery to see some of the applications.

AD Systems’ Engineers Designed OfficeSlide to be Acoustically Superior

Besides making the most out of your office space, OfficeSlide is built to block out unwanted noise. Hence, it’s ideal for private office conversations and to prevent noise from distracting employees. Also, it’s perfect for law firms, banks, tech companies, healthcare facilities, and other places that need maximum privacy. OfficeSlide gives you the power to block out noise and keep private matters private. To learn more about these commercial barn doors called OfficeSlide, visit their website or call them at 425-374-1360. Let AD Systems make your office accessible with OfficeSlide.