commercial barn doors Barn doors have been increasingly in popularity for residential and commercial spaces for the past decade. Commercial barn doors are often expected to do more than their residential counterparts as a product of the type of space they are going into and the needs and expectations of commercial clients. The levels of privacy, wear and tear, value of space and maintenance costs are typically much higher in a commercial space than a residential space so products specifically tailored to the commercial market are typically preferable. So why specify commercial barn door designs?

They Maximize Space

Commercial barn doors allow offices, medical facilities, and other professional environments to get the most out of the square footage they have to work with. The top-hung sliding design is a space-saving alternative to traditional swing doors. This solution allows up to 30 square feet of floor space to be used more efficiently because the door swing is eliminated. This means designers and occupants can fill the space with additional furniture, equipment, or whatever else may be needed, instead of having to leave it empty simply to accommodate the opening and closing of a door.

They Can Create Acoustic Separation

Acoustics are a major consideration for architects, designers, and facility managers because of the profound impact noise can have on comfort, privacy, and productivity levels. Each of these elements is a top concern in professional settings where staff members are expected to accomplish their work in the most efficient manner possible. Commercial barn doors can be used to close off small meeting rooms, phone rooms, private workspaces or other areas of an open plan office where some additional privacy is desired. The acoustical performance of interior doors is especially important when it comes to confidentiality and patient recovery in medical settings. Whether it’s with regard to attorney-client privilege or HIPAA guidelines, maintaining isolation during private discussions is a priority. This is also the case for hospitals where patients require peace and quiet in order to ensure an improvement in their condition. Sliding doors traditionally have been very week in acoustical performance, but AD Systems innovative designs have elevated the acoustical performance of sliding doors significantly so they are more viable solutions for commercial and medical spaces.

They Meet ADA Standards

It’s also vital for commercial and medical building designs to incorporate products that meet ADA accessibility requirements. Sliding doors are able to offer the opening clearances required, barn doors by AD systems are top-hung with no exposed floor tracks and the operating force meets ADA guidelines. ADA compliant locking and latching options are also available on doors by AD Systems, something that differentiates their systems from many sliding door products.

Why Choose Commercial Barn Doors From AD Systems?

AD Systems is proud to be an industry leader in providing interior sliding door solutions for professional and medical settings. The company supplies architects and designers with top-of-the-line commercial barn doors that are suitable for a variety of sectors, offering an innovative way to create more functional and attractive spaces. Understanding that each project is unique, they give clients the opportunity to choose from a range of standard products or customize their own with a large selection of finish, frame, and hardware options.