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When you are an architect, interior designer, or facility manager who is planning a new or renovated medical facility, you understand the requirements inherent in maintaining functionality of these unique spaces. No matter if the environment is a small neighborhood clinic, a sprawling multiple-building hospital, an urban medical office building, or some other structure that supports patient care, you must design spaces that preserve sound and visual privacy and accommodate users of different physical abilities, even through the entrance and exit spaces. That challenge is exactly what the professional engineers at AD SYSTEMS are dedicated to producing. If you research our authentic clinic doors, you will discover all their benefits for your own project.

Sliding Door System

The most prominent feature of our door is its heavy-duty sliding system. And its most prominent benefit is the costly square footage it saves compared with a traditional swing style. Our top-hung, roller assembly guarantees a smooth, dependable glide along the room’s wall instead of requiring 30 or 40 wasted square feet of area it would take for a traditional door to open. This frees up valuable space for equipment placement, supply storage, and attending staff.

The overhead track needs little or no maintenance over the life of the system and the absence of a floor rail or raised threshold eliminates the potential for tripping, cart tipping, or jostling of patients. The smooth, seam-free, wrap-around jamb offers a continuous surface that doesn’t trap dust and dirt, which makes it easy to clean with a simple swipe of a cleaning cloth and helps maintain its professional appearance even in high traffic areas.

AD SYSTEMS clinic doors always meet or exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for ease of use by people with all levels of physical strength and abilities. Lower sections have smooth planes, free of any mechanical apparatus that could interfere with ease of use. They never require more than the ADA maximum of five pounds of force to open, and handles are located for convenient access from wheelchair users.

Options for consideration include our “soft close” feature. This benefit slows the sliding door’s closing speed and lessens the force exerted by the mechanism itself. Such a safety measure will protect small, slow or infirm patients’ fingers and toes from injury. Also, this gentle closure action prevents loud slams and vibrations that could alarm or disturb patients.

Another option is our patent-pending sound mitigation assembly. When properly installed by our professionals, this system of seals and gaskets provides full-perimeter noise blockage to preserve medical patient privacy and comfort. No personal, confidential conversation can be overheard by people outside the room and jarring sounds of equipment and alarms won’t disturb patients inside the room.

You can have full confidence in AD SYSTEMS products that are continuously developed and improved through input from architects, designers, engineers and users who help us understand all the feature advantages and challenges. Our clinic doors are well-made, high-performance products that will serve your project well.