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Designers, planners and facility managers of medical office buildings, hospital exam rooms and neighborhood clinics know that doorways establish the first impression that a patient experiences and are critical in establishing patient privacy. Entranceways set the tone for his or her overall experience with the healthcare providers, and establish confidence in the level of care being offered. A lot is expected from these clinic doors.

Sound Isolation

With the enactment of HIPAA there is a greater regulatory emphasis on patient privacy, but it is also true that personal information of all types is sensitive issue for many people  in today’s environment of rapidly changing technology and information access. In the healthcare environment, the acoustical barrier of clinic doors may be a most important consideration. In addition to protecting patient confidentiality, acoustical doors can isolate patients from noise generated by medical equipment, communication systems busy staff that can contribute to a feeling of a lack of privacy in the clinic environment and may potentially distract patients from important conversations or medical instructions. Noises outside the exam room may have a deeper unsettling influence on a patient’s ability to remain calm and attentive than we realize and it is worth considering the role of acoustical privacy on both sides of on-stage off-stage lean designed clinic rooms..

You also want to prevent sound escaping from medical exam rooms through clinic doors into common areas. Nothing is more personal and private than individual medical information, which should remain as securely protected as possible. Patients are encouraged to be open and honest with healthcare providers, and medical professionals must give highly personal information and advice to patients. These exchanges cannot take place if people fear that voice sounds can be heard through the clinic doors.

AD Systems’s clinic doors provide excellent sound isolation. Noise pollution from other parts of a VA clinic is kept out of the exam room and confidential information exchanged between the patient and doctor does not leak into more public spaces.

Space Conservation

Another vital consideration in a medical environment is the best use of valuable space. AD Systems’s barn-style clinic doors are designed to slide along the exam room wall, providing complete open access for personnel and needed equipment while standing unobtrusively out of the way when the door is in the open position. Because the doors are typically situated on the corridor side, there is more space for medical furnishings, chairs, tables, cabinets and additional wall space for positioning counters, cabinets or switches

Ease of Use

In addition to other benefits, our top-hung clinic doors feature a “soft close” system that prevents sudden, loud slams that can unnerve sensitive patients and damage doors over their life span. These closure systems are easy for all patients to operate and gentle enough to offer protection against injuring slower fingers and toes. There is no floor track to act as a trip hazard.

AD Systems High-Performance Door Systems Are the Answer for Medical Facilities

Whether you are planning a medical facility remodel or are designing a new healthcare building, contact us to answer your questions and show you how our high-performance door systems can benefit your project.