Do you have a building or complex of buildings or a designated area that requires unique or specific characteristics of its doors? Perhaps the location supports activities that are sometimes urgent, like hospitals or medical clinics, and needs unobtrusive doorways that don’t impede medical teams and equipment. Or maybe the location is home to private transactions, as with financial firms or human resources departments, and must have sound-proof offices. It could be that the area is subjected to high traffic and much contact, such as schools or shopping malls, and the doors need to be durable and low-maintenance. Or, perhaps your structure is very large, like a municipal building or college dorm, and is required to observe smoke retardant regulations. If so, your spaces need the high performance door systems offered by AD Systems.

Space Savings – Our sliding doors give you one of the best features of high performance door systems – more space to work. They can be top-hung, which means there is no exposed floor track to trip over or bump with equipment and feature our heavy-duty roller assembly for smooth, quiet operation.

Sound Prevention – If you need high performance door systems with noise control, AD Systems is your best source. With a patent-pending, full-perimeter gasket configuration, these doors provide privacy for transactions in the office and prevent outer noise from interfering with work.

Low-Maintenance Durability – For a long-lasting professional appearance, AD Systems’s high performance door systems rely on jambs that wrap around the wall openings and guard against the usual wear and tear of use. The rigorous construction of the entire door assembly needs little-or-no maintenance for years on end.

Smoke Rated – Our smoke rated high performance door systems are invaluable in controlling the migration of smoke through your building. These doors are guaranteed to meet or exceed the air filtration guidelines published in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 105 Standard and meet the requirements of UL 1784 for restricting air leakage.

Good Looking – These high performance door systems are offered in flush wood or laminate as well as wood or aluminum frame and rail styles with clear, frosted or decorative glass panels or panels that are marker or dry erase boards or that are magnetic, or you can choose to have integrated blinds or louvers or even synchronized double doors, just to name a few options. A variety of hardware choices are available, also. Or, you can work directly with our production staff to customize your own high performance door systems.

AD Systems Doors communicates constantly with architects, engineers and facility managers to understand the industry’s evolving regulatory needs and design trends. You can have the utmost confidence that our high performance door systems will always maintain a high degree of functionality while preserving their professional beauty. We are here to answer any questions or clarify any information. Let us help you select the most perfect high performance door systems for your buildings.