Self Closing Sliding Glass DoorEvery element of a commercial construction project is subject to stringent guidelines, and doors are no exception. One of the most important things for an architect or designer to take into consideration when it comes to commercial applications is that not all doors are created equal, especially sliding doors. Selecting the right type of door system is vital to meeting the needs of the specific environment it’s being installed in. Fortunately, AD Systems offers a flexible design solution in the form of their self closing sliding glass door and other sliding door products. The innovative technology and quality materials used to manufacture these top-hung systems make them the perfect option for a variety of professional settings. Office spaces and healthcare facilities, in particular, enjoy a considerable difference in functionality and appeal when sliding doors are installed.

Here are some of their greatest benefits:

Better Indoor Air Quality & Less Germ Transfer

There are a number of reasons a project may require a self closing sliding door, indoor air quality and control is often one of them. In places like hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, limiting the amount of air transfer between two adjacent spaces is often essential because of the infection control risk or other concerns related to contamination. Manufacturing environments will similarly often house clean room environments where there is an objective of maintaining as tight of air flow control as possible. With their tight seal and “automatic” closing nature, self closing sliding glass doors are instrumental in reducing the amount of pollution that’s allowed to travel from room to room. In addition, the self closing feature means there’s no need to touch door surfaces, which also decreases the risk of contamination.

Smoke Ratings

In high occupancy commercial or medical projects, there are often areas that require doors be smoke rated to protect building occupants in a fire situation. Smoke rated doors limit the transfer of smoke across their threshold, generally incorporating perimeter gaskets and drop seals. In the past, there was a very limited selection of sliding doors available with a UL 1784 smoke rating. AD Systems is proud to offer both wood and aluminum stile and rail options with a smoke rating and available self-closing features that ensure the door is always in the closed position to protect occupants in a life-safety situation.

Enhanced Privacy Protection

Architects and designers are often challenged in finding adequate acoustic solutions that will provide sensitive settings with enough sound isolation to preserve privacy. Both office clients and medical patients must have the ability to speak freely without worrying about breaches in confidentiality. Acoustic jamb gaskets applied to self closing sliding glass door systems create secured spaces and enhance acoustic performance to ensure conversations remain behind closed doors. This also mitigates noises coming in from the area beyond the door to limit distractions to employees and maintain patient comfort.

More Appealing Environment

Self closing sliding glass doors help to shape more attractive and modern-looking environments. They have an elegant and classic beauty that will augment the interior design of any office or healthcare facility. Glass is not only architecturally appealing, but it also allows natural light to shine throughout a building. This is known to increase energy levels and boost the mood in the atmosphere, which plays a significant role in the efficiency of a workplace and the recovery of patients.

AD Systems Provides Superior Self Closing Sliding Glass Door Systems

It’s not difficult to recognize the advantages of installing self closing sliding glass door systems in a wide range of spaces. This is why more and more architects and designers are making the decision to incorporate sliding doors into their layouts, whether it’s for a renovation or new construction project. AD Systems offers a large selection of finishes, materials, and hardware options, making it simple to complement the architectural style of any professional setting.