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Sliding office doors offer many benefits for professional environments. In addition to function, they contribute to the aesthetics of the environment. When designing office spaces, here are a few benefits of using sliding doors.


Security is an important consideration, especially in business environments. Sliding doors should have extra stability, with incorporated gaskets and seals. A locking mechanism will prevent the door from being removed from its frame.


A sliding door can increase the functionality of the space. A hinged door requires many more square feet of space than a sliding door. There is nothing impeding the door, since the sliding door operates on a track. Frames can be customized to make a sliding office door look as though it was made for a space that’s large or small. This is great for small office spaces or environments that house a lot of equipment, materials, or furniture. A sliding office door in a large space can provide a more open floor plan with an inconspicuous area for private meetings.

Energy efficiency     

Sliding office doors can be efficient insulators or allow ventilation, both of which reduce the energy needed for heating or cooling the space. The amount of light can also be adjusted based on the door material. A sliding door that maximizes the indoor lighting or utilizes natural light lowers electricity costs. The use of a glass sliding office door that allows in natural light, reduces the need for artificial light sources. Sunlight can also provide additional heat in the winter that can reduce heating costs. In the summer, integrated blinds between layers of glass in the door can block sunlight to lower air conditioning costs.


AD Systems offers many options to tailor a sliding office door to the requirements of a particular space. Different materials can be utilized to allow for openness or privacy, such as glass, wood, or metal. The sliding office door can also be used for different functions or styles. The simple look of a sliding office door can be paired with many architectural styles and still integrate with the environment. Other surfaces can be used to maximize lighting or provide presentation spaces.

While all doors serve a similar function, the style, and how a door functions, vary and can reflect both a business’ brand and status. The type of door, thickness of the glass, and the finish are all details that can make a statement for the workplace.


Some sliding doors take advantage of environmental-friendly design. Renewable materials, such as wood, give the sliding door the durability and insulation that may be needed for a space. Other types of renewable doors utilize recycled, plant-based materials to create long-lasting materials. Low-emitting materials improve the quality of indoor air, which is important to the workers who spend long hours in the office.


Sliding doors add style to a professional environment. They can iterate the brand of a company or provide an inviting, aesthetic look and feel to the office environment. Sliding doors integrate with a variety of architectural styles creating a sleek look.

Sliding office doors offer many benefits to the professional environment. They can easily be incorporated into a variety of spaces while retaining integrity of the design. AD Systems offers quality, high performance sliding doors for your various architectural applications. Contact us at AD Systems for more information on our sliding doors or to receive a quote.