interior barn doorWhether working on plans to renovate or construct a new building for commercial use, a key aspect for architects and designers to focus on is the type of doors that are most suitable for the intended function of the space. Doors play an important role in professional settings for a number of reasons, so it’s essential for the right ones to be installed. Interior barn door systems have many unique benefits that traditional swing doors are not able to match, including the following:

Space Savings

Typical swing doors are not particularly space efficient. A door swing can consume 10 feet of floor space on its own, but when the required approach and clear areas are taken into consideration, this can often be up to 30 square feet of area that is rendered unusable. When major organizations are planning for large new construction projects or renovations, sliding doors can make a tremendous impact in the efficiency of the floorplans and reduce the overall required square footage or create opportunities to add more offices and functional space in a given floorplate. In small spaces such as private offices, teaming rooms and phone rooms, every square foot counts in terms of optimizing furniture and casework layout.

High Acoustic Performance

Sliding doors have typically been though of as not particularly acoustically friendly. As the advantages of noise isolation have become increasingly recognized in professional settings, the need for better acoustics has grown. The interior barn doors from AD Systems provide a high level of acoustical performance and are one of the most effective sliding door solutions for minimizing sound transfer. In commercial markets where noise control is necessary in order to uphold privacy and comfort, these door systems can be counted on to absorb sounds before they are able to pass in or out. This is particularly crucial to sectors such as:

  • Law firms-where attorney-client privilege is a primary concern
  • Healthcare facilities-where patients are trying to peacefully recover and HIPAA laws must be observed
  • Busy office spaces-where human resource meetings should be conducted in confidentiality and employees require a sound barrier from distractions
  • Phone rooms or conference rooms where space is tight but privacy is desired


Installing interior barn doors allows for versatility in a few different capacities. Sliding interior barn doors by AD Systems can integrate flush wood or laminate doors, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors with glazing or just about any type of door that is 1-3/4″ thick. The unique design of AD Systems frames mean that visual and acoustical privacy is secured while also offering locking and latching capabilities that meet ADA requirements. They also make it possible for work spaces to be more flexible, offering privacy when necessary, while still permitting the open floor plan that many offices are creating. Options such as bi-parting pairs of doors, officefronts, card key integration or smoke ratings make these doors even more versatile in commercial spaces.

Interior Barn Door Solutions From AD Systems

AD Systems offers interior barn door products that exhibit excellence in design and functionality. The company supplies architects and designers with doors that are proven to add value to any commercial project, as they help to create a professional environment that is more efficient, safe, and aesthetically appealing. Doors are available in stock and custom-made options to fit the unique needs of each project.