acoustical sliding glass door Acoustical Sliding Glass Door

Though it’s not a new concept to manufacture doors made with exceptional acoustics and sound control, there have been great advances in their design over time. Architects have been incorporating acoustic doors in their designs for many years in buildings that have a special need for canceling out loud noises, such as recording studios, performance venues, and industrial warehouses. Today, AD Systems combines acoustics with sliding door systems to give architects a whole new level of quality and efficiency to extend to a wider variety of clients. Installing an acoustical sliding glass door opens up the opportunity for healthcare facilities and office spaces to realize a range of benefits. Developed to prevent a high level of sound from filtering through, an acoustical sliding glass door by AD Systems helps these facility owners protect their work settings and provide patients and employees with a positive environment. The following advantages offered by acoustic doors make them an increasingly popular choice for numerous architects and their clients.

Provides Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is a serious matter that is expected to be upheld in all doctor offices, medical clinics, and hospital institutions. Along with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) making it the responsibility of healthcare providers to comply with strict regulations regarding privacy, came a change in the way many establishments were designed and constructed. Fortunately, the simple placement of an acoustical sliding door throughout these facilities helps to satisfy much of the requirement for protecting patient privacy by not allowing conversations to carry out of the rooms. In addition, many lines of work require keeping client information confidential, making this a good solution for business owners to look into as well.

Helps Maintain Focus

Most offices are busy places, with constant action going on amongst co-workers and clients. It can be easy to lose focus and difficult to concentrate on the tasks at hand when an employee is consistently getting distracted and interrupted by everything that is happening around them. This loss in productivity and efficiency often also means a loss in profits for a company. An acoustical sliding glass door prevents this from occurring by creating a quiet atmosphere that allows workers to maintain their focus and complete projects without having to hear office chatter and the phone calls of their co-workers in the background. The use of glass means that although doors are closed, there is visual communication between space giving it a more open feel and allowing occupants to benefit from access to natural light.

 Offers a Comfortable Environment

Having the ability to get some peace and quiet when necessary does wonders for a patient’s recovery time and the happiness of employees. Nonstop noise is a general characteristic of both medical establishments and office spaces. This makes it hard for patients to get the rest and relaxation they need to get better in a timely manner. For employees, it cultivates a more stressful and overwhelming environment. To maximize comfort and eliminate disturbing sounds in either type of situation, an acoustical sliding glass door can be the answer.


Installing an acoustical sliding glass door will give healthcare facilities and office buildings all these noise-canceling benefits while allowing them to maintain a high level of aesthetic appeal and save a significant amount of space as well. However, not all acoustic door systems are created equal, so it’s essential to select products from a reliable supplier like AD Systems to ensure optimal performance. Comprised of high-quality materials with advanced engineering features and countless options for finishes and hardware, an acoustical sliding glass door from AD Systems ensures the best performance and appearance.