barn sliding doorThe barn sliding door trend isn’t just about style. While this door option looks great in any office environment, there are also functional benefits to choosing sliding doors. In fact, appearance pales in comparison to the other benefits of choosing sliding doors for your office or clinic. Both ExamSlide™ and OfficeSlide™ doors by AD Systems can make any office easier to navigate. After all, appearance doesn’t matter if the design isn’t functional.

Barn Sliding Door Options Provide More Space

One of the biggest benefits of ExamSlide and OfficeSlide interior doors is that they save space. In a crowded office, every inch is critical. Traditional doors swing outward into a hall or inward into a smaller room. This wastes space to allow for the swing path and clearances.

With sliding doors that operate on a top-hung track system, employees can use the extra room in several ways:

  • Add extra storage with a bookcase or filing cabinet.
  • Create a sitting area for clients to wait.
  • House larger equipment or furniture.

Or, simply enjoy more floor space without adding extras. By leaving this space empty, the office will also have a more open feel. The last thing any business wants is for clients, customers, or patients to feel crowded. For maximum return, architects and building owners can also choose to “right size” a space, and accommodate more offices or exam rooms into a floor plate by reducing individual room sizes.

Bring More Natural Light to Interior Spaces

Many offices deal with dark interior spaces. Employees who aren’t lucky enough to get an office with a window can feel unmotivated. In fact, one study showed that the lack of natural light at work causes sleep problems. In turn, sleep problems can cause employees to be less productive. Conversely, natural light boosts attitude, productivity and morale.

With OfficeSlide doors that integrate glass sitelites or transoms, employees can enjoy natural light without sacrificing privacy. This case study from Coastal Community Bank shows the lighting possibilities with sliding doors. This door style doesn’t have to be open to allow sun to shine through. When people are discussing sensitive information, they can close the doors, but retain an open feeling. With glass panels, light shines through into deeper areas of the floor plate that don’t have immediate access to an exterior window.

Reduce Patient Wait Time

In a clinic or exam room setting, sliding barn door options can actually save time. The layout and flow of an office has a drastic effect on efficiency. ExamSlide doors can create a flow for the space while still providing privacy when needed. In this case study from The Everett Clinic, learn how AD Systems’ doors created an efficient space. By using a “pod” system with multiple doors, this clinic was able to maximum every square foot. This would not be possible with swinging doors.

Not only do ExamSlide doors allow clinics to reduce patients’ wait time, but they also are easy to clean. Additionally, ExamSlide doors come with lead-shielding options appropriate for radiography rooms. Alternatively, choose from a variety of other door style options. There are many additional, functional choices available. These include integrated lighting and blinds, white boards, ADA-compliant hardware and secure locking systems.

Other Benefits to Sliding Doors from AD Systems

Regardless of the type of office, sliding doors simply make sense. In addition to the benefits discussed above, here are a few other reasons people love AD Systems barn sliding door options:

  • Sound reduction: AD System doors have a “soft close” feature which eliminates any slamming noise. Additionally, these doors reduce the sound drastically in an office when closed. Learn more about sound ratings here.
  • Low-maintenance: ExamSlide and OfficeSlide doors use a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system. This style of track is easy to maintain.
  • Easy load-in and out: Moving large equipment or furniture into a room is easy with sliding doors.
  • Locks for every requirement: Barn doors can lock with keycard-controlled magnetic locks, ADA-compliant locks, and more. Choose the style that fits the environment best.

Click here to learn even more about why interior sliding doors are better than swinging doors.

Best of all, sliding doors do not have to break the bank. AD Systems works with any budget to ensure that every office can upgrade their doors to a sliding style. Request a free quote here or call 425-374-1360 to learn more.