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Our product engineers and manufacturers at AD SystemsTM fully understand the specific challenges that face architects and interior designers when considering sliding doors. We have spent years perfecting our barn doors to be the perfect solution to the needs of a wide range of occupancies.

Our barn doors provide a sliding door option for space savings and practical operation in hospital facilities, medical clinics, corporate offices and other spaces. All AD Systems models of barn doors share a number of important functional characteristics, but are fully customizable to complement the aesthetics of each individual space.


AD Systems Doors are designed to require minimal maintenance and meet ADA and other usability requirements:

  • No exposed floor track or threshold
  • Heavy-duty roller system to ensure smooth and quiet continued operation with little to no maintenance
  • Soft-closing devices to protect fingers and toes and to prevent noisy and potentially damaging slamming of doors
  • ADA compliant operating force and hardware options


In addition to superior operation, our barn doors are designed to complement a wide range of architectural and interior design styles:

  • Wood, laminate or aluminum doors available with decorative glazing, resins, solid infill panels, marker boards, magnetic glass, integral blinds and many other options
  • Lead-shielded doors and glazing for X-ray rooms
  • A wide variety of locks, latches, card readers and hardware styles
  • Door jambs that wrap around the wall construction for protection against the wear and tear of daily use
  • Multiple layout configurations possible with interior storefront designs spanning up to 196 inches

Barn Doors as Solutions          

A traditional swing door needs a minimum of nine square feet of floor space for use and as much as 14 square feet to fully open. In addition, the room will have to provide additional clear pathway areas. In today’s real estate market, that wasted space is just too valuable to be overlooked.

AD Systems barn doors increase the amount of usable space in tight rooms as well as provide valuable usable wall space in offices, exam rooms or conference areas. The doors are designed with enough space allowed for wood base or other trim to run behind the door to keep a fully finished aesthetic.

Many of today’s spaces demand acoustical control from architectural finishes. Whether it’s a health examination room, a financial consultation room, an urgent care treatment room or simply a human resources interview room, personal information may need to be protected.

Our barn doors offer a patent-pending acoustical seal option for superior STC performance from normal-level speech privacy to ultra-secure levels up to Noise Isolation Class 39 per ASTM E336-11. Properly installed, this system of seals and gaskets will prohibit sound from escaping a private conference or prevent noise intrusion into spaces.

As you are designing for new construction, tenant improvement or other building upgrades, give serious consideration to using AD Systems barn doors to help meet the needs of your particular space. Please call us to discuss your upcoming project or request more information via the online request box.