barn doors Barn doors are continuing to show up in architectural layouts more and more as time goes on. This increasing popularity is a solid testament to their functional and aesthetic appeal. Though interior sliding barn doors have largely been utilized in the past as a residential feature, they are now highly regarded in the commercial market as well and viewed as an ideal solution for a variety of construction projects.

Professional architects have found many creative ways to incorporate barn doors into their building designs. This is notably valuable when it comes to new construction and renovation plans involving healthcare facilities, office spaces, and retail storefronts.

So, why should architects everywhere be choosing to put barn doors in their instead of traditional swinging doors? There are numerous reasons:

Space Savings

Just about any project large or small has at least some areas that are space constrained. Restrooms, storage areas and multi-purpose areas have long made use of sliding doors out of simple necessity, there isn’t often enough room for a door to swing and offer required clearances in these areas. As the value of commercial space becomes ever higher, facility owners of all types are also coming to recognize that the more widespread use of barn doors in areas like meeting rooms, individual offices, exam rooms, restrooms, phone rooms, etc. can save a tremendous amount of space leading to lower overall per square foot costs or an increase in the number of exam rooms or offices that can be incorporated into a building.

Versatility with Barn Doors 

Sliding barn doors can be applied virtually anywhere, transforming the look and functionality of a room in an instant. Their versatility also extends to a wide range of attractive designs. Regardless of the kind of style a client desires their commercial building to portray, barn doors can be counted on to accommodate. Those with both contemporary tastes and more classic preferences will be able to find a sliding door system that suits their criteria. Barn doors are also easily customizable, with an assortment of materials, colors, features, and hardware from which to select.

 Improved Efficiency

Commercial construction projects will welcome the improved efficiency that barn doors allow. The sliding technology means that no only I less floor space is taken up, there is a more consistent flow between rooms, and a often wider opening to maneuver equipment and furniture through with ease.


AD Systems creates their sliding barn doors with a particular focus on acoustics. Because of this, clients can expect their interior door installations to have optimal acoustic performance and help reduce noise levels. This is particularly significant in environments that are sensitive to loud sounds, such as medical facilities and offices. Patients must be able to count on compliance with privacy laws, while employees appreciate fewer distractions for productivity purposes. Sliding doors used to mean a tradeoff on acoustic performance, but no longer with AD Systems high performance design.