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The term barn doors can often conjure up the image of an actual farm, but in today’s architecture and interior design the term has come to mean something different altogether. Contemporary barn doors are all about the efficient utilization of space, access for people of all abilities and low maintenance performance.

Whether you are designing for a completely new building from the ground up, or re-configuring usable space while renovating an existing structure, give serious consideration to the convenience and efficiency of barn doors from AD Systems. Our top-of-the-line, high-performance sliding door systems will give you tremendous flexibility in designing your new healthcare or commercial space.

Space Utilization

Our sliding barn door hangs from an upper track that is mounted to the face of the wall, typically on the corridor side of a room. This configuration frees up more usable floor space for small areas like exam rooms or offices– a valuable benefit in today’s expensive real estate markets where every square foot counts and designers struggle to get all of the necessary furnishings and technology into increasingly small spaces.


Our systems meet or exceed all guidelines mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act for public access. Our barn doors require minimal force to open and do not have thresholds or floor tracks that impede access by wheelchairs or crutches or pose a risk to equipment carts.


An AD Systems barn door system, with its heavy-duty roller design and protective valance, will continue to function with little-to-no maintenance or repair for the long term, even in high-traffic areas. It will continue to provide a professional appearance with a smooth design that won’t trap debris and is easy for housekeeping staff to wipe clean.

We understand that the commercial spaces you plan and design for new construction or for renovation will have a variety of uses, based on the operations of your clients. You may need rooms that are visually private in order to conduct medical exams or rooms that must also provide high levels of sound control to maintain speech privacy. At AD Systems, we can work with you to produce exactly what you need, including coordinating the appearance of a combination of swing and sliding barn door assemblies to meet your clients’ needs.

AD Systems Door systems are highly customizable We offer flush wood or laminate options as well as stile and rail doors in wood or aluminum with glass inserts. We also offer vast selection of locks, latches, card readers and other hardware to complement your architectural style and functional needs. Openings vary from the ADA-compliant minimum 32 inches in width up to 50 or sometimes 60 inches of clear opening space depending on the height and configuration of the doors.

Feel free to request more information or click through to our Online Chat. We would love to discuss your project and how AD Systems barn doors will meet your needs.