barn doors interiorOffice design is changing, and it’s evident that the traditional way of doing things no longer works for many businesses. For example, hinged doors are common, but often they don’t provide the required functions. This is why so many companies decide to look at other options. As a result, both pocket doors and interior barn doors are becoming more popular nationwide.

What is a Pocket Door?

Pocket doors have a design that enables them to slide into an opening inside a wall – or “pocket” – when opened. This type of door serves a purpose when there is limited space available and a swinging door will not work. A pocket door typically operates by rolling along a track suspended overhead.

What is a Barn Door?

Like a pocket door, a barn door slides open and closed. It also utilizes rollers from an overhead track. However, a barn door does not disappear; since it slides along the adjacent wall, it remains fully visible when open. Sliding barn doors can provide business with numerous benefits, including:

Excellent Noise Control

Noise is a common complaint people have about their workplaces. In addition to being annoying, it can put a huge damper on productivity. But, for offices that regularly hold meetings or brainstorming sessions, noise is par for the course. In this case, barn doors interior can be invaluable. In fact, AD Systems barn doors have superb acoustical qualities that are designed to mitigate noise transfer. And, because they don’t have hinges, they will not squeak or create other irritating sounds. Plus, the smooth operation along the track makes opening and closing virtually soundless. Soft closers eliminate door slamming noises. AD Systems has carefully designed their systems with no perimeter gap and an optional drop seal for maximum acoustic performance.

Better Use of Space

Swinging doors that open into a room are quite common in the workplace. But what many people do not realize is that they take up quite a bit of space with a swing path an approach clearances.  That space could be more productive by accommodating additional furniture, equipment or storage. Employees can’t place anything near the door that will get in the way or become damaged. However, with sliding barn doors, this is no longer a problem.

Improved Décor

Gone are the days when swinging doors were the only option businesses had. Now there are many other types of choices, and sliding doors are becoming the preferred choice. Not only do they improve function, they enhance the décor of an organization. Barn doors add sleek and stylish new elements. Plus, they can include a huge variety of hardware and decorative add-ons. These include self-closers, access control locks, glazed glass, integrated blinds and lighting and marker boards.

The Barn Doors Interior Available from AD Systems

AD Systems designs barn doors for the business environment. These include ExamSlide™ for medical facilities and OfficeSlide™ for corporate offices.


A big advantage of ExamSlide doors is the fact that they offer many ADA-compliant hardware options. In addition, they provide a larger clearance than swinging doors, making it easy for anyone to enter or exit. Plus, the hardware includes a lever that makes opening and closing simple. In addition, because they roll along an overhead track, there is never any obstacle on the floor.


As mentioned, interior barn doors are exceptional for blocking out sound. Each door panel is 1-3/4” thick, with a tested acoustical performance of up to NIC 39. In an office, when things can become loud, employees will appreciate doors that will keep the din to a minimum. Hardware options include custom pulls and keycard access control.

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