barn doors In commercial construction, every little detail is scrutinized and thoroughly examined. Facilities that are intended for public use are held to a much higher standard than those that are being built for residential purposes. Because of this, architects and designers pay close attention to what may seem like even the smallest components of a building. This is how the configuration of interior doors can come to be recognized as such an integral part of the design process.

Doors not only impact the functionality of a space, but can also modify the way it looks and feels. Sliding barn doors have become a progressively popular option in the commercial market, replacing traditional hinged doors, because of their ability to deliver on both performance and aesthetics.

Benefits of Barn Doors in Offices and Hospitals

Doors play a significant role in both offices and hospitals. They have a direct impact on the environment’s security, privacy, acoustics, climate control, space utilization, and more. When barn doors are installed, facility managers can expect to experience an improvement in each of these areas along with some additional benefits.

  • Reduce Noise: Contrary to popular opinion, well designed barn doors have can have good sound mitigating abilities, especially with the addition of acoustical seals to prevent noise from coming through the gaps. This barrier increases efficiency and productivity among employees by reducing noise distractions.
  • Enhance Patient Privacy: When it comes to protecting patient privacy, doors are vital. Just the way barn doors keep noise from filtering inside a room, they also keep it from filtering out. Patients can talk freely to their healthcare providers without the concern that other patients and staff can hear their confidential information. AD Systems is able to provide sliding door systems that meet FGI guidelines for acoustical privacy.
  • Optimize Space: Sliding door systems are the ultimate space-saving solution. Unlike hinged doors that swing out wide into a room, barn doors simply slide along the area where they’ve been installed and don’t take up any unnecessary square footage. This allows offices and hospitals to utilize that free space for more furniture, equipment or other uses.
  • Allows More Natural Light: Outdoor light is a natural mood booster, which can make a significant difference in work and hospital settings. Being indoors for the majority of the day can become depressing, but with glass barn doors or transoms or sidelites as part of a barn door design, natural light is able to flow more freely throughout the space and create an uplifting ambience.

Barn Door Design Options By AD Systems

AD Systems offers barn doors in an array of design and style variations. They can be tailor-made according to the unique requirements and preferences of every client. There are many colors, materials, finishes, and security options available to apply to doors, frames, and hardware. The application of glass panels is another feature to consider as well. Glazing solutions include clear glass, sound-enhanced laminated glass, translucent glass, colored glass, leaded glass, switchable privacy glass, decorative glass, resin panels, and integral blinds. Barn doors will fit seamlessly into any space, and their attractive, contemporary appeal will upgrade the look of any office or hospital facility.

AD Systems works with architects and designers across the nation to successfully implement their barn doors into a range of office and hospital construction plans. Contact them for more information.