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If you are an architect or interior designer and are drafting a new medical facility or corporate building or you are planning to remodel an existing structure, consider all the qualities that barn doors can bring to your modern space.


and most important, there is the basic structure of the barn door style assembly. With its durable top-hung construction, you gain some vital paybacks. The engineering of the mechanism ensures that it provides continued gliding operation even in high-volume areas such as medical exam rooms and hospital corridors. This dependable, long-lasting functionality requires little maintenance – just what a busy office or clinic needs. And, the efficient sliding design, modeled after highly-functional working barns, makes the best use of space since it hugs the wall and doesn’t require up to 30 square feet dedicated to accommodate a swing-type door. This is a remarkable statistic (and cost-saving) considering today’s real estate prices.

Along with being a hard-working space-saver, our barn doors are designed with jambs that seamlessly encircle the wall opening to give a more professional look. And, this smooth, continuous design reduces wear and tear in high-traffic areas, which keeps things looking newer longer, and makes regular cleaning so much easier.

Naturally, all our barn doors are engineered to be ADA compatible. Our barn doors do not exceed the maximum of five pounds of force required to operate successfully. They are manufactured in widths that accommodate wheelchairs, bariatric equipment and other physical needs. Lower surfaces are flat, with no protruding hardware that would impede entrance and all handles and locks are positioned for wheelchair accessibility and do not require a tight grip or a twist of the wrist to operate.


our barn doors are highly customizable. This allows you to select exactly the size, style and hardware features that accommodate your space’s programming needs and complement its décor.

We offer wood, laminate or aluminum styles with clear or decorative glass or solid infill panels. You also can select barn doors with such specialized features as marker board panels, magnetic glass insets or double-glass with integral blinds. Of course, there is also a vast array of locks, latches, card readers and hardware styles from which to choose exactly what your clients want. And, we offer multiple layouts spanning up to 196 inches across.


you can opt to include specific extra barn door features that your new space may require.

Our soft-close system provides a slow, gentle closing action. This eliminates loud slams that could irritate already-anxious patients and allows plenty of time to enter or exit without getting caught and possibly injured.

You may elect to include our patent-pending acoustical seal option. Depending on the STC level you choose, our barn doors offer sound mitigation from normal-level speech privacy to ultra-secure zero percent sound migration. Such a system will prevent private negotiations or medical consultations from being overheard outside the room and will block distracting outside noise from interrupting convalescing patients or focused employees.