barn doorsAs most architects and designers know, barn doors serve many purposes. Clearly, they separate and seal off rooms. However, they do this in a very unique manner. Rather than swinging open and taking up more space on your floorplan, top-hung hardware allows them to slide along the wall.

Additionally, barn doors add character to your facility without sacrificing functionality.  Whether you have a corporate office, hospital or medical clinic, AD Systems has the perfect sliding barn door for you!

Benefits of Barn Doors

Initially, let’s consider the practical benefits of incorporating sliding interior doors into your floor plan. Obviously, they consume less floor space because the eliminate the swing path and can reduce approach clearances. When you save on square footage, you save on cost. Plus, you gain extra room for fixtures and furniture.

AD Systems offers two popular surface mounted options: ExamSlide™ and OfficeSlide™ that are designed to work with any 1-3/4″ door leaf. These systems can also incorporate virtually any type of glazing or other infill panel up to 1″ in thickness.  InsetSlide is a variation on these successful designs and fits within the wall opening (as opposed to surface mounted), giving a flush appearance and eliminated any projection of the door into the corridor or room. All of these door options excel in acoustic mitigation, with performance in the range of NIC 32-39 depending on material selection. All options are also available with a UL smoke rating.

Other Benefits

If daylighting is a goal of your project, designing AD Systems to incorporate glass is a great strategy. If you have a design calling for perimeter offices or conference rooms, consider using AD Systems designs with glass lites, transoms or sidelites to bring light deeper into your floorplate. This type of design can save energy costs to light and heat your building. Second, studies show that natural light enhances mood and morale. Therefore, staff and clients benefit from this sunlit boost.

Also, sliding doors are a fantastic solution for converting usefulness of rooms. As their hardware allows them to slide and hang, it’s easy to open an area when needed for flexible spaces. Conversely, keep them completely or partially closed when you desire smaller office spaces.  Also very small areas such as collaboration spaces, phone rooms, server rooms or mother’s rooms can greatly benefit from a sliding door design.

With no floor tracks, due to their top-hung design, they require little maintenance. Standard dual soft closers also reduce wear and tear as well as noise.

Finally, the aesthetics of sliding interior doors are pleasing. In fact, AD Systems offers multiple hardware options to create a cohesive design. This pleasing ambiance welcomes clients and your staff.

Hardware Options for Barn Doors

With AD Systems hardware choices, it’s easy to tailor designs that fit the décor and purpose of your office. Furthermore, barn doors have the same security and locking options as standard swinging doors. Options include:

· ADA-compliant thumb-turn lock with occupancy indicator

· Key locks

· Self-latching mortise

· Magnetic lock – key card/access control

· Single-action egress with lever

· Flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware

· Self-closers

·automatic operation

Additionally, sliding door systems come in customizable sizes and finishes. OfficeSlide has options for glass storefronts, sidelites or transoms. Included are flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors. ExamSlide has multiple options for 1 ¾ inch doors with glass, wood, laminate or aluminum stile and rail door leaves. More options include integral lighting, blinds and marker boards to add functionality.

To see samples of their work blending into office spaces across the country, check out their project gallery. Then, contact them for a free quote! Or, call 425-374-1360 to discuss your project with an expert.