barn doors and hardware solutionsAD Systems Barn Doors and Hardware Solutions

As many professional architects and their clients have already discovered, barn doors often make a great addition to all different types of commercial construction projects. Whether creating a design from scratch or conceptualizing ideas for the renovation of an existing structure, incorporating these space-saving, easily managed, acoustically sound, and affordable doors into the blueprints for any building will prove to be well worth the investment. The only question is, how to choose the most suitable barn doors and hardware to fit the individual requirements of each establishment?


Fortunately, after years of partnering with architects, designers, and facility managers, AD Systems understands the wide variety of needs that every client has. This is why they proudly offer a full line of barn doors and hardware products for the commercial architectural market. AD Systems’ barn doors are manufactured from high caliber materials that are designed to outlast even the most demanding situations. They feature numerous finish options in varying colors and styles to ensure a complementary match to a facility’s particular style. In addition to the standard barn doors and hardware solutions, there is also the opportunity to customize a design that is guaranteed to fit a project perfectly.


Standard Barn Door Features

  • Low maintenance cleaning and operation due to aluminum frame and top-hung roller systems
  • The ability to save up to 30 square feet of valuable space in comparison to traditional doors that swing open
  • Soft-closing components that keep doors from slamming shut, preventing loud noises and injury
  • Hidden floor tracks for more appeal and easier movement in and out
  • Strict compliance with ADA requirements


1 3/4′ Barn Door Features

  • Glass units with integral blinds or louvers
  • Lead-shielding doors and glazing for rooms with high sensitivity
  • Wood stile and rail door with glass vision lite
  • Aluminum stile and rail door with glass vision lite
  • Flush wood or laminate doors


The barn door hardware offered at AD Systems is one of the industry’s best, with a range of features and finishes to choose from, such as a beautiful US 32 brushed stainless coating.


Barn Door Hardware Features

  • Simple key lock from the outside
  • ADA-compliant self-latching key lock from the outside with a thumb turn lock from the inside
  • ADA-compliant thumb turn bolt lock from the inside with an occupancy indicator on the outside
  • Access control systems with a magnetic lock to be opened with a designated key card


The foundation of AD Systems is built on a strong commitment to quality materials, creative designs, and a manufacturing process that provides the kind of barn doors and hardware solutions that commercial architectural markets can rely on. Numerous architects and other professionals have chosen to work with AD Systems over the years based on their solid reputation for excellence and a pledge to offer products that satisfy all building code guidelines, maintain a high level of performance that lasts well into the future, and provide the acoustic support that many environments require. Additionally, they possess invaluable knowledge that allows them to combine functionality with aesthetics to produce some of the market’s most superior barn doors and hardware.