barn doorOver the years, barn door systems have proven themselves to be much more than a fleeting trend in design. Their functionality and visual appeal have made them a desirable alternative to traditional swinging doors, and thus, an increasingly popular feature for architects and designers to introduce into their plans for commercial construction and renovation projects. Learn more below about the features and benefits of sliding barn doors from AD Systems.

Barn Door Features

Barn door systems are top-hung sliding doors that can be built to order with a range of features to make them perfectly tailored to a range of applications

  • Finish: Barn doors are available in flush wood and flush laminate finishes. They come in natural and stained veneers or plastic laminate from top name brands. In addition, aluminum stile and rail doors with glass lites or other types of infill panels may be specified if a more contemporary look is desired.
  • Hardware: There is a wide selection of hardware options including key locks, magnetic locks with key card access control, ADA self-latching handles, and ADA thumb-turn locks.
  • Smoke-ratings: AD Systems offers a UL 1784 smoke rated version of their system
  • Acoustic Seals: Acoustic seals may be added to all four sides of a barn door for optimal sound mitigation.
  • Soft-Close Technology: Doors are equipped with a soft-close technology that keeps them from slamming shut and causing injury or making too much noise. Closing technology is compliant with ADA requirements.

Barn Door Benefits

There are a number of benefits to utilizing barn doors in commercial applications. They are suitable for many different types of sectors, but office spaces and medical facilities find these door systems to be especially valuable to their operations.

  • Space Savings: One of the greatest advantages of sliding barn doors over typical hinged doors is in their ability to save significant amounts of space. It’s essential to maximize every square inch of floor space in a professional setting. They save up to 30 square feet per door, since they move from side to side and don’t require a swing path. This also provides greater flexibility for arranging furniture and equipment as needed.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: From classic to contemporary, barn door systems come in a wide variety of styles. They add a unique element of character that will break up the uniform and reserved appearance that is typical of many professional environments.
  • ADA Compliance: Barn doors make it easy for commercial projects to comply with ADA standards. Their wider expanse and lack of floor track give those with disabilities and medical assistive devices ample room to pass through, without having to navigate around or over obstructions. They are particularly useful in areas where a large clear opening is necessary.
  • Acoustical Performance: The high acoustical performance of AD Systems’ barn doors make them ideal for offices and healthcare facilities that have an obligation to uphold privacy. This sound barrier limits the amount of noise that filters into or out of a room, which will increase efficiency, decrease distractions, and promote patient comfort and confidence.


AD Systems supplies barn door products that have all the components necessary to make a statement in the commercial market. The company will assist architects, designers, and facility managers in finding just the right solution for a project.