barn door systemsContemporary architectural and interior design prizes the unity of form and function. Think of the resurgence of track lighting and metal surfaces — clean and sleek, and decidedly functional. Barn door systems are one such recent addition to the facility designer’s toolbox that is rapidly gaining popularity.

“Barn doors” are a style of sliding door with a track mounted to the surface of a wall. Various sliding doors have been around for a long time, but barn doors have recently come into wider use. Designers and facility owners love their ease of operation and maintenance as well as their sleek and professional appearance.

Washington-based AD Systems has been at the leading edge of the barn door trend with their OfficeSlide and ExamSlide doors. These doors exemplify the best qualities of barn doors and are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. In this article, we’ll share what makes these doors so popular.

Advantages of Barn Door Systems

  • Clean, easy operation: AD Systems’ barn doors have a highly functional, but exceptionally simple mechanism of operation. Their doors are top-hung on heavy-duty rollers. This means that they don’t need an exposed floor track — one common complaint about barn doors. Their operation is easy for people of all strength levels, and they’re available with ADA-compliant hardware options. All doors incorporate soft-closing technology. Best of all, the simplicity of their design means they require little maintenance.
  • Noise protection: Whether you’re in an office or a medical facility, controlling sound transmission is a necessity. AD Systems’ doors are rigorously tested to achieve up to a NIC 39 noise isolation standard, greatly reducing volume and enhancing privacy. For greater control, most AD Systems doors are available with an optional patent-pending acoustic seal on all four sides.
  • Aesthetics: The phrase “barn doors” may conjure images of rustic farms, but AD Systems’ doors are decidedly sleek and contemporary. All of their doors are available in a wide variety of finishes with many glass and options. Their project gallery speaks for itself. All over the country, major architectural projects rely on AD Systems for dependable, top quality door systems.
  • Space conservation: If there’s anything facility designers and owners crave, it’s a little more space. Changing swinging doors to barn doors can make a huge difference in this area. The typical swinging door requires significant space just to swing open and shut. Sliding doors vastly reduce this footprint, freeing up space and expanding designers’ and architects’ options.

AD Systems’ Barn Door Options

  • ExamSlide: AD Systems’ flagship medical facility door has exploded in popularity. Enhanced patient privacy, workflow improvement, and low maintenance are all attractive features for a hospital or clinic. For example, this case study at Mountain View Hospital shows of what barn door systems can do for a hospital, check out. This Salt Lake City facility decided to change most of its swinging doors to ExamSlides, with phenomenal results.
  • OfficeSlide: Commercial clients have also recently flocked to AD Systems’ barn doors. In today’s hyperconnected world, corporate privacy is more valuable than ever, as are floor space and professional image. The OfficeSlide is an attractive, low-maintenance solution to these needs. For instance, Washington state’s Coastal Community Bank is a textbook success story. When this bank remodeled their headquarters, they chose OfficeSlide doors, creating a sleek and dynamic work environment.

The across-the-board high performance of AD Systems’ barn doors has made them the industry’s new gold standard. To find out for yourself why, contact them for a quote or call 425-374-1360.