barn door locksIf you are searching for a high quality sliding door for an interior office, you need barn door locks too. Fortunately, there are many options available that provide security and blend into your environment as well. Whether you’re an architect, designer or facility owner, this is an important aspect in your final design decision. After all, it’s one thing to choose secure and attractive doors. However, it’s also imperative that the hardware functions as needed for your facility.  Keeping that in mind, AD Systems designs cutting-edge systems that incorporate everything you need.

Why Interior Barn Door Locks Matter

First, let’s start with why you’re putting doors in your facility to begin with. Obviously, it’s because you need to divide space and create a privacy barrier. Even if that need is simply to shield sound, locks can often be an additional requirement for physical security. Especially, this is true in a medical facility or in an office that needs to protect information.

AD Systems creates door systems that fulfill all of those needs. In fact, they do it quite well. For example, their OfficeSlide™ doors, have tested acoustical performance up to NIC 39. Furthermore, their sliding door systems include visual barriers. You can choose glazing, aluminum or flush wood. Better yet, ExamSlide™ doors have the option of lead shielding and specialized glazing for x-ray rooms or features like switchable glazing or integral blinds that allow for both visual communication and privacy as the situation allows.

Important to note, not every lock and egress system fits every facility. You may need barn door locks that grant access based on priority. In certain cases, you may have rooms that not every employee should access thus making access control systems your go to solution.  Or, you may prefer to keep it simple with key locks. Either way, AD Systems has solutions. The two aforementioned systems, ExamSlide and OfficeSlide, provide a variety of high quality hardware options.

ExamSlide and OfficeSlide both offer:

· ADA-compliant thumb-turn lock with occupancy indicator

· Key locks

· Self-latching mortise – ADA-compliant

· Magnetic lock – key card/access control

· Single-action egress with lever

· Flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware

Automatic operator options

Why Should You Choose a Sliding Barn Door Versus a Traditional Door?

Now that you have lock options covered, think about doors in general. From the start of designing a facility, you have an important decision to make about your access points. In the past, the most cost-effective and sensible option was a traditional doorway. However, this choice takes up valuable space in terms of a swing path and approach clearances. Now, when you realize there are alternatives, it  can often make sense to include sliding doors instead.

In addition to saving space, sliding doors can offer a solution for daylighting interior spaces. Since they offer the option of letting in ambient light while still shielding visual access, the cost of electricity lowers. More importantly, studies show that the natural energy provided by the sun actually enhances our well-being. Not only is this critical for your clients and your staff, it enhances productivity. AD Systems glazed officefronts are an excellent solution for projects where private offices or conference rooms are located along the perimeter and there is a desire to bring light into the core of a floorplate.

Also, sliding doors are a fantastic solution for converting usefulness of rooms. Imagine that you generally have a need for small work spaces. But, occasionally, you may require an area where a larger group can congregate. Sliding door systems make it easier to create these temporary open spaces.

To get a better idea of options, check out AD Systems’ portfolio of projects. Then, contact them for an evaluation of your needs and a free quote. Or, if you’d like to discuss an upcoming project, feel free to call an expert at 425-374-1360.