barn door designsBarn doors have come a long way, these sliding door solutions are making their way into contemporary construction and renovation plans all over the world. Professional architects are able to use barn door designs on a diverse array of commercial projects that demand something more advanced than traditional hinged doors have to offer. Their growing popularity can be attributed to many factors, with appeal, functionality, and space savings at the top of the list.

Where Barn Doors Are Being Installed

Every structure needs well-functioning doors. Barn door designs are able to combine that important requirement with space savings and an attractive appearance to create a highly functional architectural solution. In today’s commercial spaces, we frequently see barn doors being used for offices, restrooms, telephone rooms, small meeting or conference spaces, mother’s rooms, storage areas or any place where there are space constraints and a door is required. In the field of medical construction, sliding surface mounted “barn” doors are widely used in exam rooms, patient toilet rooms and administrative areas.

Advantages of Barn Door Designs

The advantages of barn door designs are numerous.

  • They are space saving, freeing up more floor space and wall space for other uses than door swing
  • They help to give a room an elegant, one-of-a-kind look and are able to be customized to match many decorative styles.
  • In open floor plans, they serve to separate off private areas such as meeting rooms, individual offices or phone rooms
  • They can allow for wider clear opening dimensions, allowing for ease of mobility of people and equipment in and out of spaces
  • The acoustics provided on AD Systems’ barn door designs, in particular, preserve acoustical separation between spaces, thus keeping private conversations private or reducing disruptions through sound transfer between spaces

Barn Door Design Options

As mentioned above, barn doors can be tailor-made to fit the dimensions and complement the décor of any space. There are countless possibilities for combinations when it comes to materials, finishes, and hardware. This is ideal for architects trying to meet a client’s unique demands. Door leaves can be constructed of wood, plastic laminate veneers, true wood stile and rail or panel doors, or aluminum stile and rail with glass. Clients also have different glazing options to choose from, such as clear glass, translucent glass, colored glass, switchable privacy glass, integral blinds, and resin panels.

Though trends are known to come and go, there is no doubt that the one concerning the use of barn door designs in the commercial market is here to stay. AD Systems is happy to continue to meet the growing demand for high caliber, aesthetically appealing products that assist architects and their clients in achieving many architectural goals.