barn door designsAre you looking for barn door designs for your exam rooms or offices? The best in functionality and aesthetics is available from AD Systems with ExamSlide™ and OfficeSlide™ doors. Let’s take a look at these barn door options, so you can choose the right doors for your business or healthcare facility.

ExamSlide Barn Door Designs

AD Systems developed ExamSlide doors in based on the project needs of leaders in healthcare design and delivery. These systems are purpose built for their environments. These doors feature heavy-duty rollers and a soft-close sound-dampening system that prevents slamming. Moreover, the unique space-saving design of these doors provides healthcare facilities with more space to be dedicated towards caring for patients, equipment, etc. compared to swing doors.

Also, AD Systems ExamSlide doors come with several hardware options. Choose ADA thumb-turn locks or ADA-compliant self-latching mortises. Alternatively, choose a key lock or even magnetic lock with key card control. Additionally, you can choose the type of lever or pull that complements your design.

Finally, keep in mind that AD Systems can provide barn door designs for each unique medical office need. Notably, you can choose lead shielding and glazing for rooms where you perform radiography or anti-ligature pulls for some behavioral health applications. In addition, you can choose materials such as wood, laminate, glass, and aluminum to enhance the look of your doors.

OfficeSlide Barn Door Options

OfficeSlide doors are similar to ExamSlide barn door designs, but feature designs with interior storefronts or sidelites that are more commonly seen in office environments. If you’re looking for an AD Systems’ sliding door option with more flexibility, OfficeSlide doors are for you.

In many cases, you may want privacy within your office. While open offices can be great for collaboration, they can also cause privacy issues. With this in mind, AD System OfficeSlide doors come in a variety of glass glazing options. Instead, you can also choose integrated blinds or switchable privacy glass, so you can choose how much privacy you need. Coupled with integral lighting and other design options, these doors can add a unique look to your office.

In addition, these barn doors save space while providing partitions in a collaborative work space. Not only do they look great, but you also don’t have to worry about swinging doors. Want a more open feel for the day? Simply slide all the doors open in your office. Then, close the doors for private meetings. Look through their gallery to see some examples of completed projects.

Contact AD Systems for a Quote

If you are ready begin your project, AD Systems can provide a barn door quote for your exam rooms or office space. When you are ready to speak to someone about ExamSlide or OfficeSlide doors, simply call 425-374-1360. Or, you can fill out this online form to receive a quote even faster. AD Systems has experts ready to speak to you about the best door option for your space.