barn door designsAt one point or another, we’ve probably all experienced a tight office. While seemingly a trivial matter, it can lead to inefficiency and frustration. Out-swinging doors encroach on hallways and be hazardous. Doors that swing into small spaces limit the amount of area that can be used for furnishings, storage, equipment or other more essential items that add value to a workplace.  From AD Systems comes the most space-efficient doors, OfficeSlide™, and ExamSlide™. Basically, these barn door designs will change the way your business operates.

Learn About These Revolutionary Door Systems

There are many benefits when you have sliding barn doors. As previously mentioned, they do save space, as the architects won’t have to compensate for swinging doors. Therefore, you’ll be able to use the saved space for staff, visitors, equipment, furniture or storage. This is one of the biggest reasons many companies opt for sliding doors, rather than swinging ones. It is a simple ROI calculation as real estate is one of the most significant investments any building owner can make, why not optimize it?

Besides saving space, the engineers at AD Systems designed these interior barn doors to be acoustically superior. What exactly does that mean? It means that your door will prevent confidential information from leaking into the hallways and noise from transferring and disrupting work spaces. So, you can safely and confidently discuss any matter behind closed doors. These top-hung door systems are low-maintenance, with no floor track to impede foot or equipment traffic. Finally, AD Systems’ doors are beautifully crafted and add a sense of style to any commercial building.

OfficeSlide And ExamSlide Are Among the Best Barn Door Designs

Now that you know the benefits of AD System’s doors, let’s talk specifications. When you want a sliding door, you have two options: OfficeSlide or ExamSlide. Both have the same great benefits but each has some characteristics that enhance a specific type of setting. As you may have guessed by the name, OfficeSlide is ideal for commercial offices. That means they incorporate functions that support small or large corporations, banks, professional offices and other commercial buildings. Likewise, ExamSlide is ideal for medical settings like hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, and other similar facilities.

In addition to their functions, both door systems are available with many different options including finishes and hardware. Plus, if you don’t see an option you want, AD Systems may still be able to accommodate you with a custom-made door or barn door track. So, you can have practically any style or color you want. After you’ve chosen the style, choose to add extra features which will enhance your system’s performance. Popular features include a lock with keycard access, self-close automatic operation, and soft closers which prevent the door from slamming.

Both systems offer many ADA-compliant hardware options and the opportunity to include sidelites, transoms or other fixed lites in addition to the sliding doors.  Also, there are many functional door panels including white boards, as well as the popular integrated lighting and blinds.

Trust AD Systems for All Your Commercial Door Needs

Since 2009, AD Systems has been perfecting their doors. Now, they have revolutionized their systems to be ideal for any commercial setting. Their interior barn doors continue to bring peace of mind and efficiency to national companies. To learn more about their barn door designs or about the company, call 425-374-1360. Or, you can request a free quote here. Ditch the swinging door and upgrade to succeed in your functional office or healthcare facility today!