Barn Door DesignsIf you hear “barn door” and think of the farm,  think again! For years, barn door designs have been a hot design trend for residences. Now, thanks to Washington-based AD Systems, they’re taking over institutional, comemrical and medical spaces as well.

AD Systems offers two different styles of barn door, each aimed at a different market. Both are designs based on their “office front” design that debuted in 2009. Since then, AD Systems’ expert designers have refined their creations into two groundbreaking barn door models: the OfficeSlide™ and ExamSlide™. Here, we’ll take a quick look at what each model offers.

Basics of the AD Systems’ Barn Door Designs

Any AD Systems’ sliding barn door model shares a key set of basic characteristics that makes them so successful:

  • Design that sits flush to the wall and takes up only a fraction of the space of a swinging door
  • Easy-to-maintain surface mounted track system that eliminates the complicated inner workings of a pocket door
  • Top-hung on high-quality rollers, so they glide above the floor with no exposed track
  • Improved acoustic privacy thanks to their flush design and an optional four-sided acoustic gasket for extra protection
  • Soft-close system to prevent noisy slamming and damage to the frame
  • A huge range of hardware choices, including ADA-compliant flush pulls and keycard reader
  • Numerous finish options in both the hardware and materials, ranging from classic to modern

OfficeSlide: Leading the Corporate World

With the past 20 years’ numerous radical shifts in office design, it’s important to remember that not everything changed. Some key needs are still the same: privacy, efficiency, aesthetics. Thanks to the previously mentioned characteristics, AD Systems’ OfficeSlide hits all of the key points, and more.

For example, conserving office space is a big priority for many corporations, particularly in high-value real estate markets. A traditional swinging door can occupy up to 30 square feet of floor space just to open and close. AD Systems’ barn doors tremendously reduce the space usage of doors, increasing available space for other priorities.

The OfficeSlide was an ideal addition to the new headquarters of one Washington bank. Coastal Community Bank wanted to model their new office on their locally-focused, people-first approach. That meant an office with lots of light, even in its inner sections, and a mix of openness and privacy. The OfficeSlide was the perfect solution to their needs. Read AD Systems’ case study on Coastal Community Bank to find out more.

ExamSlide: Medical-Grade Performance

The rapid 21st-century expansion of the medical field created a need for new and expanded facilities. These facilities also had to meet the performance standards of the demanding 21st-century medical consumer. When medical professionals began approaching AD Systems about designing a medical-spec door, they rose to the challenge.

From that fruitful collaboration process came the ExamSlide. AD Systems created this sliding interior barn door to provide a superior solution for the medical field. Perimeter gasketing is standard on the ExamSlide for maximum provider-patient privacy protection and there is an option to add a drop down bottom seal for even superior acoustic performance. In addition, the top-hung design creates easier access for wheelchairs, equipment carts, and other essential wheeled medical equipment. Doors can be flush wood or laminate or include optional glazing such as lead shielding glass, decorative glass, marker boards or integral blinds (as well as many other options).  Finally, the wide selection of hardware enables each facility to create a door that suits its needs exactly.

Salt Lake City’s beautifully re-designed Mountain View Hospital is a testament to the ExamSlide’s performance. Their $5.5 million project to double the size of their Emergency Department includes brand-new ExamSlide doors. Nathan Murray, an architect who helped design the project, explains why. “The ExamSlide enabled us to maximize the space in an efficient way, so we could achieve a fluid environment.” With an easy-to-operate, easy-to-clean design, it is a natural fit.

With the great new variety of sliding barn door designs now available, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your doors. Browse through the gallery of recent projects to see the range of solutions available. Then, call AD Systems at 425-374-1360 or contact them online to learn more!