automatic sliding glass doorsCurrently, sliding door systems offer a wide range of possibilities for architects and facility owners. With all those possibilities available, it’s wise to examine automatic sliding glass doors for further advantages as well. ­­In fact, lighting and automation benefits both hospitals and medical clinics for numerous reasons.

Advantages of Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

First, let’s examine the benefits of sliding glass doors in general and how they work. There are a variety of options for automatic sliding glass doors: automatic entrance doors, breakaway ICU style doors or even surface mounted sliding doors. Let’s focus on the surface mounted interior option.  Sometimes referred to as barn doors, these sliding door systems hang from an overhead track system and glide along the wall. Not only is this a huge space-saver, they’re a dynamic solution for converting usefulness of rooms. Keep them open when you need extra room. Conversely, keep them completely or partially closed when you prefer smaller office spaces.

Speaking of space, if you’re wondering how wide the average automatic sliding glass door is, view the specifications here. Essentially, ExamSlide™ by AD Systems has 1-3/4 door options. Or, choose wood or aluminum stile with glass. Additionally, AD Systems offers a range of glazing and infill panel choices. Specifically, lead shielding is available for X-Ray rooms, integral blinds or even switchable privacy glass.

Furthermore, their upkeep is often easier too. For example, with no hinges opening and closing constantly, there is less wear and tear on the hardware. Moreover, the soft-close dampening system reduces slamming, which wears on building walls and hardware.

More Advantages

Adding automation to door systems in a medical facility has multiple advantages. Obviously, accessibility is convenient for workers and guests. Whether one’s hands are full, or accessibility concerns are involved, doors that open on their own help everyone. Likewise, hands-free entry controls hygiene issues. Less touching of surfaces reduces the spread of bacteria. Since they shut automatically, interior doors remain closed when they are not in use. Consequently, warm or cool air stays in the room where it belongs.

Finally, automatic sliding glass doors allow light to pass through your building interior. Ultimately, this saves electricity by reducing additional lighting sources. In addition to saving energy, natural light enhances mood. This is an extra boost for clients and staff.

ExamSlide Options

AD Systems’ engineers have diligently considered these benefits while designing ExamSlide. Additionally, they have included a wide range of options and features to further enhance your facility. For instance, they have worked to reduce perimeter gaps that allow ambient noise to pass. Patent-pending acoustic mitigation seals all four sides of the door; thus, enhancing speech privacy. Accordingly, field tests indicate NIC 39 (Noise Isolation Class) as per ASTM E336-11. Similarly, ExamSlide is capable of a UL 1784 smoke rating. This improves safety for everyone in your facility.

Additional hardware options include:

• ADA-compliant, thumb-turn lock with occupancy indicator

• Key locks

• Self-latching mortise-also ADA-compliant

• Magnetic lock – key card/access control

• Single-action egress with lever

• Flush pulls and anti-ligature hardware

To view these doors performing within the interior space of working facilities, explore AD Systems’ gallery of projects. Then, contact them for a free quote and let them shed a little light on your space and project. Or, give them a call at 425-374-1360.