automatic sliding doorExamSlide™ interior barn doors from AD Systems are ideal for any healthcare facility where space is at a premium. With these doors, doctors, nurses and staff members may more efficiently navigate through the clinic environment. At the same time, patients will enjoy a private room where confidential information remains private. Now, ExamSlide doors are even better with the upgrade option of automation. With the AD Systems automatic sliding door upgrade, any office can go from cramped and inefficient to modern and functional.

Interior Automatic Sliding Door Sizes and Materials

AD systems offers a full range of customizable sizes and finished in either wood or aluminum stile and rail with glass. Single wood door clear opening widths are available up to 48″ clear opening and aluminum stile and rail is available up to 72″ clear or potentially beyond in some cases. More information about single leaf door dimensions is available here. In addition, size specifications for bi-parting pair doors are available here.

Because ExamSlide doors come in a variety of materials and finishes, the look can match any office style. Choose from:

  • Flush wood in a full range of standard or custom finishes (here is a partial list)
  • Plastic laminates by Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, and other manufacturers
  • Lead-lined doors, which are perfect solutions for radiography rooms
  • Hollow metal steel
  • Panel doors

This is not a complete list. AD System works with each client individually to find the best door materials and finishes. Look through their gallery of completed projects to see the possibilities!

Why Choose Automated Barn Doors?

In the past few years, barn doors have risen in popularity. However, this is not just another fad that will make an office look outdated in the span of a few months. Instead, barn doors are a smart way to save space. You will gain up to 30 square feet of floor space for every doorway, compared to swinging doors. In addition, they allow workers to open doors to create larger spaces when needed. At the same time, these doors can easily slide closed for privacy. Imagine exam rooms and shared spaces adjusting to meet any need at the push of a button.

Simply put, ExamSlide automatic sliding door systems make it easier to work in a healthcare setting. These doors are top hung, therefore there is no floor track to impede foot or equipment traffic. Staff members helping patients who may use wheelchairs, walkers or crutches will pass through doorways with ease. Actuation can be by push button, wave, credential or sensor to suit the needs to a variety of spaces.

In addition to the value of automation, these doors also provide acoustic privacy. In other words, patients never have to worry about sharing private information by mistake. With acoustic seals and the lack of perimeter gaps found around swinging doors, conversations stay within the room. The acoustic performance of ExamSlide automatic sliding door systems also makes working easier. Even with a noisy waiting room, doctors and nurses in exam rooms can concentrate. Learn more about ExamSlide acoustic performance here.

ExamSlide Cost

How much do automatic sliding doors cost? The answer depends on a variety of factors include door size, material, finishing, and more. For an accurate price, open and fill out this form for a free quote. An AD Systems representative can give any healthcare facility an exact quote based on the specifics of the building project. If you prefer, give them a call at 425-374-1360 to speak with an expert.