Barn doors have become extremely popular in recent years. It’s not hard to understand why. Sliding barn doors offer space savings and are sleek and modern. This is especially true in a medical office or hospital setting. These spaces are often tight on space and several feet of extra space at each doorway adds up. Plus, these offices need to offer privacy and security. AD Systems offers industry-leading barn door systems for hospitals and medical offices. Now, they even feature an automatic barn door system for hands-free opening and closing. So, medical offices, hospitals or any healthcare facility can offer security, accessibility and convenience to all visitors and staff. Check out some of the other benefits below.

The ExamSlide™

The ExamSlide is the ideal solution for a hospital or medical facility. This system is perfect for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, ERs and much more. This is primarily due to the fact that the ExamSlide offers durability and privacy. Featuring a unique design, it combines performance with function for the security needed in healthcare applications. Patients can feel safe and secure with the system’s acoustic mitigation. These seals eliminate the perimeter gaps found around closed swinging doors. Doctors and nurses can offer their patients the safety and privacy they deserve. The ExamSlide features a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Maintenance-free operation, thanks to a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system
  • Field tests indicate NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 as per ASTM E336-11
  • Avoid noisy slams with a soft-close dampening system
  • Optional UL 1784 smoke rating
  • Space-savings of up to 30 square feet of floor space per doorway vs. a swinging door
  • Wide variety of locking and security-enhancing hardware

How Does an Automatic Barn Door Work?

Supermarkets, airports, and other businesses often have automatic doors. Their automatic opening and closing features offer energy savings as well as promote increased safety. Patients don’t have to be strong enough to open or close the door behind them. This is especially important in medical offices. When a visitor comes in with an injury, an automatic barn door is functional as well as convenient. So how do these doors work?

Automatic barn doors look the same as their traditional counterparts, except they include a motorized operating system. A wide variety of actuators including wave sensors, push buttons/paddles, occupancy sensors or card readers can activate open and closing functions. Automation improves accessibility for occupants of all abilities and can make for more convenient operation in areas such as hospitals and clinics where infection control and equipment moving are the norm.

Other Benefits

Another benefit of an automatic door is that they promote increased safety and hygiene. For example, a doctor’s office or hospital naturally contains sick patients. When a visitor uses the bathroom, they are likely to encounter germs. Even if every visitor thoroughly washes their hands, they still touch door knobs on their way in and out. An automatic door allows patients and staff to avoid these germ concentrations and stay clean and germ-free. This prevents cross-contamination when moving throughout the building.

Moreover, these door systems enhance any style interior. They are available with a wide variety of ADA-compliant options and many choices of glazing and lead-shielding for glass inserts. There are even integrated blinds and lighting features. They provide an updated ambiance to any medical facility. Look through their gallery of solutions provided to clients nationwide, to see the variety of options available.

Best of all, these systems can be surprisingly affordable. The automatic open feature doesn’t have to break your budget. While costs vary by size and configuration, they can provide a free estimate. Just fill out their easy-to-use form and they will get back to you shortly with more information.

Over a Decade of Industry-Leading Experience

AD Systems’ ExamSlide offers a host of added benefits, including privacy and customization options. Plus, their customization options are virtually endless. Quite simply, AD Systems designed their sliding door systems to perform better. The company, founded in 2009, balances the beauty of barn doors with modern amenities and features. Today, AD Systems has evolved into the industry leader for medical facilities looking for high-quality, sliding door solutions.

So, give them a call today at 425-374-1360 for more information about the ExamSlide.