AD SystemsAcross the medical facility design field, professionals are taking note of what sliding doors have to offer. The Continuing Education Center recently featured AD Systems’ doors in an Architecture and Construction course on innovative medical facilities. Their article, first published in Architectural Record, highlights AD Systems’ contribution to cutting-edge, ROI-driven healthcare solutions. Case studies of their sleek, high-performance doors products show that sliding clinic doors are efficient, elegant, and here to stay.

A Changing Culture

CE Center’s article focuses on a fundamental shift in the healthcare marketplace. Increasingly, shareholders and executives in healthcare companies demand ROI-driven design for their facilities. It’s understandable given the recent focus on rising costs — but how can it be achieved?

AD Systems’ sliding doors are a premier solution for increasing efficiency and improving outcomes in medical facilities. Their doors, like the ExamSlide™ and InsetSlide™, are investments that pay off with several vital benefits.

ROI Return from Sliding Doors

  • Space conservation: Swinging doors (according to this article) require, on average, 14 square feet of space to swing open and shut. This number can run all the way up to 30 square feet — a great deal of space just for a door. Sliding doors, by contrast, take up only slightly more space than a wall.
  • Aesthetics: AD Systems’ sleek sliding doors are a considerable visual upgrade from traditional doors. Their wraparound jamb systems and variety of decorative options give facilities a look that’s more welcoming and less cold.
  • Range of features: Doors from AD Systems have a wide range of features available that boost their performance over that of traditional doors. The ExamSlide, for instance, comes standard with a four-sided acoustic jamb gasketing system for enhanced privacy. Other high-performance features include heavy-duty rollers and optional privacy glazes for inset windows.

Studies in Success at AD Systems

The article further describes the proven success of AD Systems’ doors in real medical facilities. Tacoma, WA’s Multicare Indigo Clinic incorporated the InsetSlide into their new building designs, with excellent results. The InsetSlide, AD Systems’ response to customer demand for a more traditional pocket door, was an immediate success. As an organization dedicated to integrated, efficient, holistic care, the Indigo Clinic found the InsetSlide to be a perfect fit.

AD Systems have always believed their products provided superior clinic door solutions — and, increasingly, design professionals agree. To find out more about their range of innovative products, contact AD Systems online or call 425-374-1360.