extra wide barn doorCramped, crowded, low-light office and medical spaces are fading rapidly into the past. 21st-century design philosophy demands open, well-lit spaces with foot traffic that flows seamlessly. An high performing barn door is one thing design professionals have long sought to enhance this type of space. Now, there are not one, but three great systems available. Washington-based AD Systems is leading the charge – let’s find out how.

Benefits of AD Systems’ Sliding Doors

AD Systems has been creating high-performance sliding door systems since their founding in 2009. Their sliding barn door systems became a hit for their efficiency, adaptability and aesthetics. In time, they refined their formula further, into three distinct models.

However, all of these doors share the same basic set of cutting-edge features that make them so popular. They engineered these models to allow new design possibilities and re-imagine how users relate to door systems.

  • Space Savings: A typical swinging door can occupy up to 30 square feet of floor space to open and close and for the associated approach clearances. Sliding doors create more space for traffic flow, equipment, and occupants.
  • Privacy Protection: Sliding doors can create a tighter sound seal in door jambs than swinging doors. AD Systems enhances this by adding acoustic dampening material.
  • Low-Maintenance Operation: These doors are beautifully simple in their design. They’re easy to clean and require minimal maintenance for years of faithful operation.
  • Aesthetic Elegance: AD Systems’ sliding doors are available in a wide range of finishes and hardware packages. They can add frosted glass panels and many more options.

An Extra Wide Barn Door for Every Need

The engineers at AD Systems have refined their core model into three high-performance sliding barn doors. Each was designed to fulfill specific requirements, so they always have the perfect door to fit your needs.

  • ExamSlide™: Sliding doors are increasingly popular in the medical field for their efficiency and privacy protection. The ExamSlide takes that a step further with a patent-pending acoustic seals for maximum speech privacy.
  • OfficeSlide™: AD Systems’ flagship door for corporate and academic institutions. This door features all of the traits that made the original AD Systems’ doors so popular. In fact, their case study of Coastal Community Bank provides a great example of what the OfficeSlide can do.
  • InsetSlide™: The newest addition to the AD Systems’ family has the traits of a classic pocket door. Moreover, it boasts the enhanced performance of the extra wide barn door to meet your requirements.

Opening up the spaces in which people live and work contributes to their health and well-being. Therefore, in order to do that you’ve got to be working with the right materials. AD Systems’ doors are one way to achieve the goals of the 21st century architect, designer, or facility owner. Today, see what they can do for your facility. Call 425-374-1360 or contact them online.