contemporary barn doorsIt used to be that when it came to design, there was a clear separation of business and pleasure. Home décor was one thing and office décor was another. But in recent years, that line has blurred a little. Now offices are trying things to create a more relaxed and less “corporate” or “institutional” atmosphere. Couches and easy chairs are starting to become common. In some offices, conference tables have actually been replaced with dining room tables. One trend that has been popular in homes for some time is the use of barn doors, and this is beginning to become the fashion in offices as well. Offices had long shied away from the use of pocket doors for reliability and accessibility concerns and barn doors have been slower to catch on in more commercial environments that are slower to jump on to design trends. But things are changing, and companies are now recognizing the benefits that contemporary barn doors bring.

Contemporary barn doors add eye-catching visuals

In a world where a lot of companies seem to do just what others do, any sort of change is immediately noticed. Barn doors in an office setting are still somewhat of a novelty, so people will be drawn to them right away. This is an excellent way to give an office some flair and stand out, not only to clients, but to prospective employees as well. Nowadays culture plays a big role with job seekers, and barn doors send a message that a business is not just like every other one a candidate may be visiting. Companies that are forward looking in terms of office design and workplace environment are often innovative and energetic in other facets as well.

One of the best aspects of barn doors is that they come in different designs and and styles, and with a variety of hardware choices. Offices that already have a specific design aesthetic – perhaps as part of a brand or logo – will have no trouble finding barn doors that match their theme. Glass is also an option with contemporary barn doors. Not only is this a sleek and modern look, but glass doors allow more natural light in, which can brighten up an office…and the mood of employees…immensely.

Sliding barn doors can improve productivity and save space

Contemporary barn doors do not just look great; they also offer several functional benefits. Sliding doors have traditionally been poor performers when it comes to acoustical performance, but not those manufactured by AD Systems. When specified with acoustic seals, they are ideal for cutting down on noise distractions. They keep the sound contained in an office so it does not bother people outside, and vice versa, which can help boost productivity. Barn doors also have a distinct advantage over swinging doors. Because they slide, they do not impede on anything in the room. Swinging doors take up a lot of square footage, but that space can be reclaimed and repurposes with contemporary barn doors.

AD Systems is a leading supplier of commercial barn doors

Since 2009, AD Systems has been supplying contemporary barn doors to numerous businesses around the U.S., including libraries, airports, medical facilities, banks, colleges, and many more. The quality and craftsmanship of the barn doors are unmatched, as is AD Systems’ customer service and support.