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As all architects, engineers, construction managers and facility managers know, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a specific set of legal requirements for building renovations, additions and new construction. The stated goal is to remove any physical barriers that prevent or limit the access of people with differing strengths and abilities to public buildings and their amenities. At AD Systems Doors, we understand how important door function is to overall compliance with these regulations and we have designed ADA door systems that meet or exceed the ADA requirements.

Opening – Closing Mechanisms

Every AD Systems ADA door, no matter the style you select, will be within the maximum five pounds of operating force specified by regulations to ensure easy operation by a wide range of users. The AD Systems Doors’ soft-close feature moderates the speed and force of these ADA compliant doors as they close. This feature guards against pinched fingers, especially for younger occupants, and it also prevents those crashing slams that can rattle the nerves and cause wear and tear on door systems. AD Systems also offers self-closing doors or fully automated sliding door assemblies for an added level of ease of use and convenience.

Materials and Hardware

Each ADA door, per requirement, can be specified with  only flat, even surfaces on the lower ten inches of the door and has no decorative or functional projections below 34 inches that could hamper the ability to enter. Our standard entrance and exit pull handles or locking mechanisms are installed no higher than 48 inches from the bottom so they are reachable from a wheelchair. Your ADA door can have a thumb-turn lock with an occupancy indicator or keyway, or a self-latch operation with thumb-turn and exit handle. Whatever style you select, all the handles and pulls will be operable with only one hand and won’t need a tight grip or wrist twist to use successfully. In addition, our top-hung sliding ADA door has a concealed bottom guide that rests underneath the door and thus won’t snag crutches, braces or wheelchairs and does not create a trip hazard.

Door Size

We manufacture each sliding ADA door to your building’s specifications. Although ADA regulations require a minimum of 32-inch clearance, our doors are frequently specified for bariatric or other facilities requiring up to 48”  or larger clear opening dimensions. You can opt for a double ADA door assembly for extremely large openings that features a coordinator so that both door leaves open and close simultaneously.

At AD Systems, we know that you have many decisions to make as you design your public space. We are pleased to offer fully accessible sliding ADA door for medical clinics, hospitals, educational facilities, hotels and other locations that need a balance of accessibility, aesthetics and the space saving design of sliding doors.   Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your accessibility and project requirements in greater detail.