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Medical facilities from giant multi-campus hospital systems to multispecialty medical office buildings to familiar neighborhood clinics have several things in common. They are increasingly challenged by governing boards or invested shareholders and owner-partners to keep operating costs down while increasing patient volumes and their access to quality of care. Overall efficiency is key in every regard. Designers and facility managers are constantly looking for ways to bring their buildings closer to these ideals, and the right doors can be an integral part of the solution. Contemporary purpose-built healthcare sliding doors for interiors can add address healthcare facilities’ challenging intersection of needs. These facilities are tasked with providing greater accessibility to differently-abled people while maintaining efficient and reliable performance for busy staff. This requires products of a high quality with long lifespans that require minimal maintenance and guard against facility downtime for repairs or other issues. It is also essential that these sliding doors in healthcare settings offer smart usage of available space and maximum sound abatement to protect patient privacy, all while being pleasing to designers and users aesthetic sensibilities.

At AD Systems, we know that there are many types and styles of interior doors from which to choose for your medical facility. We also know that architects and professional building managers are seeing the advantages offered by healthcare sliding doors, particular in clinics that feature on-stage, off-stage access concepts.

Benefits of Healthcare Sliding Doors:

ADA Compliant – Our healthcare sliding doors are ADA Compliant in terms of operating force and clear opening dimensions. We also offer ADA-approved thumb-turn locks with occupancy indicators or keyways and self-latching doors options with handles that can be operated with only one hand. Our soft-close feature offers protection to younger or slower fingers and stops nerve-jarring slams.

Visually Appealing – Available in a variety of materials and styles to fit any budget and décor, AD Systems healthcare sliding doors are available with flush wood or plastic laminate door leaves or also with clear, frosted or decorative glass or special features such as integral blinds or lead shielding.  They employ a durable concealed roller system that guarantees our signature low-maintenance smooth glide through years of use. Door frames wrap the wall openings to protect them from wear and tear and give a long-term professional appearance. AD Systems doors are supplied as a complete system to assure a top quality fit and finish.

Sound Transmission Control– AD Systems healthcare sliding doors are available with our patent-pending option of acoustical seals at all four sides for maximum and acoustical performance. All doors feature an acoustical design that addresses sound leakage at the lead and jambs.

Use of Space – When doors slide rather than swing out, an average of 14 square feet of valuable square footage is freed up for accommodating medical teams, furniture and equipment. Healthcare sliding doors, by their very nature, are designed to be unobtrusive, hugging the wall when open and gently gliding into place when closed.

Healthcare Sliding Doors Are A Simple and Smart Solution

Designers and facility managers, when you are faced with the challenge of creating medical facility space that must be welcoming to people of all ages and abilities, must work well consistently and remain professionally attractive over a long period of time, must preserve visual and auditory privacy and must offer the best use of square footage, healthcare sliding doors from AD Systems are your answer.