ad systems AD Systems Sliding Doors

The AD Systems sliding door concept has taken the architecture world by storm, engineering and developing new styles of sliding doors since 2009. The company has become known for their commitment to quality of material, design, and customer satisfaction in their products.

AD Systems began as a solution for commercial interiors and heathcare environments that needed to balance space savings with acoustical performance with sliding door design. AD Systems provided sliding doors that met the professional standards of these clients and grew to attract a range of committed clients, particularly in the healthcare and legal, finance and technology commercial office spaces where flexible design and speech privacy are of great importance.

AD Systems for medical facilities

The AD Systems’ product has been adopted by hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities committed to the safety and security of patients in their care. Sliding doors are beneficial for space saving, important in a health care setting, and for privacy. With AD Systems’ special acoustic door seals, exam rooms, offices and other patient areas are able to maintain speech privacy in line with FGI Guidelines. Sliding doors are great for patient safety and security, providing smooth entry and exit to rooms without awkward floor tracks or heavy doors to pull open or shut. They meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) specifications for opening dimensions, hardware clearances and operating force.

AD Systems also prides itself on the number of options available for their clients. Customers interested in sliding doors can choose from wood or aluminum door leaves, the specific size of their opening, and from a range of decorative options such as frosted or colored glass, integral blinds and many other options.

Style and aesthetics are just as important to AD Systems as acoustic integrity and reliability of their doors. Materials including wood, aluminum, and glass can be used in their door styles to fit the look and feel of a building. The top hung, gliding tracks used in many sliding doors give the building a more modern and sleek feel and maximize the amount of space usable for fixtures and furnishings.

AD Systems for offices

 AD Systems’ sliding doors can also be used in a variety of other settings, including restrooms, office buildings and retail spaces. Working closely with designers, architects and contractors, AD Systems has created a line of products to fit the needs of nearly any business that requires sustainable, functional interior solutions. Doors can be fitted for offices or conference rooms and customized with key locks or with card readers for secure access to the rooms or building.

Whether the building is being created from the ground up or being fitted with sliding doors during a renovation, AD Systems has the expertise needed to choose and install the perfect door for every opening.

Our range of lockable sliding doors are acoustically sound, secure, and aesthetically pleasing for a variety of residential and business settings. If you are an architect working on a new building and would like more information about the advantages of our sliding doors, please visit AD Systems at for more information or to participate in a live chat with an AD Systems expert. AD Systems can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.