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There are a number of sounds going on all around us at every moment of the day. Some go completely unnoticed or are easier to tune out than others, while some noises just can’t be ignored. Although noise is a part of everyday life, there are certain times and places where quiet is crucial and privacy is essential. AD Systems offers sliding doors that support a great level of privacy to business offices and healthcare facilities, where the ability to maintain speech privacy as well as to shut out intrusive sounds whenever necessary is extremely important. In the past, sliding doors with gaps around the edges may have presented a problem when trying to meet higher sound transmission class (STC) ratings, but the AD Systems experts have resolved much of those challenges with innovative design and acoustic seals. These features give architects the many benefits of these space-saving doors while still maintaining acoustic performance.

Workplace Confidentiality

There are usually many different dynamics going on in a workplace setting that contribute to the need for confidentiality. On a human resource level, employees have the right to feel comfortable talking about private matters with managers and bosses, without the concern that they will be overheard. In many office settings, businesses deal with clients, financial and legal transactions and sensitive intellectual property that requires a certain measure of confidentiality. As more commercial offices trend towards open plan design, it is also important to offer phone rooms or other spaces where employees can feel comfortable dealing with personal or otherwise private conversations without having to leave the workplace.

Workplace Productivity

In offices where there are numerous employees, it can be difficult to find the quiet needed to concentrate on particularly complex tasks. A balanced work environment that promotes the most productivity will give staff members the opportunity to interact when time permits, but also allow for them to be isolated when it’s time to concentrate. AD Systems understands that with the potential for so many office background noises to cause distraction, being secluded behind a closed door only really works if it’s designed with good acoustics.

 Patient Privacy

In medical offices and hospitals, patient privacy is a number one priority. All things pertaining to a patient’s health information must be kept confidential, including what is said between a doctor and patient behind closed doors. The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act requires healthcare facilities to design for patient privacy in renovation and new construction.  AD Systems assists architects in meeting HIPAA regulations by providing doors that comply with code requirements and FGI Guidelines.

 Patient Comfort

The peace and comfort a patient feels is critical to their recovery, and much of that is attributed to the noise level that can be heard in their room. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle going on in healthcare facilities, not to mention all kinds of sounds coming from machines and building occupants, which can disturb a resting patient if their room isn’t equipped with an acoustically appropriate door. AD Systems can offer solutions for recovery areas that minimize noise intrusion to promote patient wellbeing.

Doors are an integral part of the overall function of office buildings and medical facilities. Professional architects nationwide specify AD Systems because they know they can get sliding doors that combine high acoustic performance with attractive design.